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January 1992

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 Solomon, writing in Ecclesiastes 7:8, says these words,
"Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof."
 What Solomon is saying in a nutshell is this: How you start something is important, but how you finish is a lot more important. Many of us began 1991 with a great vision of what we were going to accomplish. Some of us were going to lose weight, others were going to change jobs. Some were going to finally fix up the house, while others were going to stop one habit or another. My question is this: How did you finish the year? Did you accomplish that which you set out to do, or were the resolutions of January forgotten by spring?

 Fortunately, failure to complete what we begin is not always the end of the world. After all, we can probably lose that weight, or fix the house this year. However, failure to complete that which we have vowed in our spiritual lives can have devastating consequences. What about that resolution to spend time each day in the Word of God? When we failed to keep that one, we failed to maintain our fellowship and walk with God. That's pretty serious. When we forgot about our vow to be faithful in the House of God, we became disobedient, and took ourselves away from the place where God wants us to be. When we neglected to pray, how many blessings which God wanted to give went unclaimed, since "ye have not, because ye ask not?" How many souls went to Hell, because our good soul-winning intentions got lost in the daily grind? What occurred in the minds and hearts of our children as they saw us drift further and further away from the life which the Bible teaches a Christian should live? The answers to these questions should cause us to realize the importance of what we have done with 1991. The wasted hours can never be reclaimed, and the missed opportunities may never be seen again.

 What then, will we do with 1992? Let us promise God that we will be faithful faithful to His Word, faithful to His House, and faithful to His Will. May 1992 not be another year of forgotten resolutions, but rather a year of victorious living and walking with God.

Your Pastor

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