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Ambassador Baptist Church
1926 Babcock Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15209
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May 1996

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 Once again we are approaching a week of revival meetings at Court Street Baptist Church. From May 12-17, Evangelist Joe Mark will be preaching the Word of God, both to evangelize the unsaved and to edify the believers. It is my prayer that each of us will be faithful not only to attend the meetings, but also to pray for their success and to earnestly endeavor to bring others to the services.

 As I thought about our upcoming revival, I thought of the contrast between it and the recent Ralph Bell Crusade which was held here in Port Huron. I know very little about the results of that crusade, and I rejoice in those folks who may have received Christ as Saviour. However, there are definitely some differences between the two meetings.

  • (1) While the Ralph Bell Crusade was a city wide campaign, our revival meetings will be centered in the local church. The New Testament teaches the primacy of the church, not a committee of church and business leaders. Funding goes through the church; discipleship takes place through the church; decision making is handled by the church; the work is carried out by the church. This is the New Testament principle, and it is this which we follow.

  • (2) While the Ralph Bell Crusade was sponsored by a mixed multitude of doctrinal positions, our revival meetings will be Baptist only in doctrine, when a person responds to the Bible preaching and invitation as given by Bro. Mark, he will be dealt with by someone who believes in salvation by grace through faith alone; who believes in eternal security; who does not believe in the second blessing" of speaking in tongues. After salvation he will be encouraged to attend Court St. Baptist Church, or another fundamental Baptist Church, so that he can be grounded in the truth of the Word of God,

  • (3) A third difference will be the music. The Ralph Bell Crusade advertised "Code of Ethics" as one of the performers at a special meeting for youth. This so-called "Christian Rock" group with its worldly appearance and style, contrasts greatly with the "songs hymns and spiritual songs" which will be sung during the Joe Mark meetings.

  • (4) Financing will be different as well. While the Bell Crusade asked the churches alone to raise $39,000 (in addition to contributions from individuals and businesses) for their four day meeting, Bro. Mark has asked for his travel expenses by car (about $200), plus a place to stay and one meal a day (which will usually be in the home of a church family), for the six days that he is with us. He asks nothing else. We will take up an offering for him each service, but he will preach for us regardless of how large that offering is.

I'm looking forward to our revival meetings. I'm looking forward to hearing some old-fashioned preaching that condemns sin and glorifies the Saviour. I'm looking forward to seeing some lost folks saved, and seeing some backsliders restored to their fellowship with Christ. Please be praying for Bro. Mark and the meetings. Be out for every service, bring someone with you, and lets see what God can do.

Mark J. Montgomery
Your Pastor

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