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Ambassador Baptist Church
1926 Babcock Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15209
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September 1992

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 Praise the Lord! God has-given us a great summer. Usually churches experience great slumps in attendance and spirit during the vacation months, but that has certainly not been the case for us. God has surely been good to us.

 On several occasions in the Scriptures, God gives to us the admonition "Let not your heart be troubled." This old world certainly can be a trying place. This past few days I have seen troubled people. One was troubled because they couldn't pay the rent, and were going to be evicted. Another was troubled by the sheer weight of the problems of life. Still another was experiencing loneliness. Others were concerned over physical illnesses or disrupted families. All these problems were very real, and the concern of those involved was genuine. Yet to them God says, "Let not your heart be troubled."

 A few weeks ago my family vacationed up in Northern Minnesota. Ontario, and the U.P. of Michigan. I learned several things from this trip. One was that those who believe that the world is becoming too crowded have obviously never taken the circle tour of Lake Superior! But more important than that, I saw once again the majesty of God's creation. We saw first hand the rugged beauty nature, from deep clear lakes to high rocky cliffs, We saw through pictures the powerful forces of nature as exhibited in the winter storms which pound the freighters as they sail the lakes. We saw the mineral wealth of the earth through mine tours of Minnesota. We saw the love of God in providing churches for us to attend for the weekly services .

 You say, "That sounds nice, but what does it have to do with to do with, trials?" Simply this: If God is able to create a world as beautiful as this, and is able to provide for the needs of human kind through mining and agriculture, and is able through nature overcome the greatest construction jobs that man can create, and yet loves us enough to plant His church to give us truth and strength, then He can surely take care of my needs. The God who created Lake Superior can create what I need. The God who provides for mineral needs of industry can provide for me. The God who can destroy man's greatest sailing vessels can surely destroy that which harms me. And the God who said that He would build His Church will surely be there to build up the believer. My friend, regardless of circumstances. "Let not your heart be troubled."

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