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Dr. Richard Flanders
Juniata Baptist Church
Vassar, Michigan
Everybody knows that George W. Bush was elected President with a one-vote majority in the Electoral College and with less than half of the total popular vote. His political foes have made much of the closeness of the election and have asserted that Mr. Bush's power to lead the country has been compromised and possibly negated by the way he got into the White House. Even after the Dade County hand re-count re-affirmed the validity of his victory in Florida, many treat Bush's presidency as if it were illegitimate. Is George Bush our duly-elected chief executive, and should he be allowed to govern?

The Bible says that "the powers that be are ordained by God" (Romans 13:1). Everyone put into authority has been put there by the Lord! The Book of Daniel says that "the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will" (Daniel 4:25). No matter what the circumstances of his election, we owe our President our allegiance and respect, and a commitment to the legitimacy of his administration. We must also recognize that Mr. Bush is not the first and only man to govern from the White House without receiving the majority of the popular vote or after a disputed election. Actually there were eight others, some of whom are remembered as very good and effective Presidents!

Our first "disputed" election was the fourth one, in 1800. The Electoral College vote was tied, and the election had to be decided by the House of Representatives. The winner was Thomas Jefferson, one of the most important men ever to serve as our leader!

In 1824, John Quincy Adams was chosen President even though he received less than a third of the popular vote. The failure of any of four candidates to receive a majority of the votes in the Electoral College sent the decision to the House, and Adams was made President.

Who were the other Presidents to govern without a popular-vote majority? In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected with only 40% of the popular vote. In 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes got a one-vote majority in the Electoral College, and only 48% of the popular vote. In 1892, the winner in a three-way race was Grover Cleveland, who received 46% of the popular vote. Woodrow Wilson was elected with 45% of the popular vote in 1912. Harry Truman got less than half of the popular votes when he was elected in 1948. And let us not forget that President Clinton never received a popular majority in either of his election victories (1992 and 1996). A popular-vote majority has never determined who would be President of the United States or if a President should be able to govern!

The confusion and unrest over the 2000 Presidential election has been both harmful and completely unnecessary. Let us relax in the confidence that we do have a legitimate executive in the White House, based on scripture and on history. Let's let him lead, and give him our support and prayers.

Monthly Article
Thu, 15 Feb 2001
by Dr. Rick Flanders
currently Pastor of
Juniata Baptist Church
Juniata Baptist Church
5656 Washburn Road
Vassar, MI 48768
(517) 823-7848

Dr. Rick Flanders Biographical Data

Converted in 1963 through a radio ministry.
Earned B.A. and M.A. degrees from Bob Jones University.
Honorary D.D. from Pensacola Christian College.
Pastor at Juniata Baptist Church since 1973.
On BCPM Board, (Baptist Church Planting Ministry)
and also MACS. (Michigan Association of Christian School)

Articles published in the;
Sword of the Lord
Baptist Preacher,
Christian View of the News,
Pulpit Helps,
Maranatha Watchman
Church Bus News,
and other national periodicals.

His Majesty's Service
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Teaching the Word
To Glorify Our Lord
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