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Dr. Richard Flanders
Juniata Baptist Church
Vassar, Michigan
"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools . . ." (Romans 1:2)
Recently a report broadcast over one of our very-biased television networks stated that a certain politician had endorsed a proposed constitutional amendment "to ban gay marriages." When I heard that part of the report, I was struck not only by the obviously negative connotation of the wording, but also by a shift in public opinion that is being encouraged now by the establishment media. We have seen it before: the influencers of thought moving everybody gradually from one wrong conclusion to another, step by step, finally making a totally illogical theory into a pillar of politically-correct orthodoxy!

The proposal with which this poor politician was being associated does not say that "gay marriages" will be henceforth and forever "banned." It simply defines marriage according to the traditional definition: a man and a woman united by a legal commitment. Incidentally the traditional view of marriage is the only one that makes any sense! The idea is that biological parents stay together to bring up their children. New "definitions of marriage" are really make-believe arrangements to satisfy the desire of sexually troubled people to be considered normal. There is no reason for a "marriage" if the "couple" cannot physically produce children and establish a home of biologically-connected individuals. Those who have given themselves to the "homosexual lifestyle" have rejected marriage and the family unit in order to live a different way. Proposals to legitimize their freelance arrangements as "marriage" are without rational justification and will do the real institution of marriage great harm!

I remember well how in my lifetime (which has not been that long yet!) the published handling of homosexuality has changed! Fifty years ago, it was a crime to the state and a sin to the church. Thirty-five to forty years ago, compassion began to be expressed for those trapped in this way of living and homosexuality was considered a psychological disorder. Then, with the rise of the gay-rights movement thirty years ago, the word "normal" was being attached to this obviously abnormal behavior. Now it has been elevated to the level of a sacred human right! A political movement to force acceptance of something formerly unacceptable has sent intelligent people down some pretty irrational paths.

Sexual behavior is equated with race or ethnicity. People who say that certain behavior is abnormal are equated with Klansmen! To bolster this ridiculous viewpoint, people are saying that homosexuality is inborn. I heard a popular radio doctor, who is very liberal on almost every social issue, laugh at how medically indefensible this claim is. Is the prison population overstocked with men born with the "gay gene"? If not, then why is there so much of this behavior going on in prison? There is no real science behind the fantasy of genetic homosexuality. Another crazy idea is that those who are successfully converting "gay" people to the "straight" life are bigoted and filled with hate. Here is a question for those who make this charge: Is A.A. a hate group because they say that alcoholism can be cured?

Now we are being led to believe that not redefining "marriage" is a way that would allow men to "marry" other men, and women to "marry" women, is a violation of human rights. A law that defines marriage in the traditional way is considered very radical. How can people get to this point of absurdity? It is a simple matter of using words with little thought to move minds toward stupid conclusions. The only defense against it is rational thinking. We ought to employ more rational thinking to the issues of our time!

Monthly Article
July 16, 2003
by Dr. Rick Flanders
currently Pastor of
Juniata Baptist Church
Juniata Baptist Church
5656 Washburn Road
Vassar, MI 48768
(517) 823-7848

Dr. Rick Flanders Biographical Data

Converted in 1963 through a radio ministry.
Earned B.A. and M.A. degrees from Bob Jones University.
Honorary D.D. from Pensacola Christian College.
Pastor at Juniata Baptist Church since 1973.
On BCPM Board, (Baptist Church Planting Ministry)
and also MACS. (Michigan Association of Christian School)

Articles published in the;
Sword of the Lord
Baptist Preacher,
Christian View of the News,
Pulpit Helps,
Maranatha Watchman
Church Bus News,
and other national periodicals.

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