Date: Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 1:29 PM
Subject: Acree Update ver18.8


Dear Praying Friends,

For months, we have been asking for prayer for our residency paperwork, so I’d like to take this prayer letter to fill everyone in on exactly what they’ve been praying for: We arrived in the country last November to begin our second term, and within the allotted timeframe, went to immigration with a representative from our sponsor (in order to come and stay in Ghana, we have to be sponsored by a government-recognized organization, which in this case, is the oldest fundamental Baptist church in Ghana). At immigration, we learned that our permission to come under this church had lapsed (this church sponsored us to be in Ghana during our first term also), and it needed to be renewed before we would be granted our residency visas. That approval happens quarterly, so we were not approved until April. However, the approval would not be released to us until the church’s registration was brought up to date, which meant church business meetings, appointment of new officers (two of the old officers were no longer attending the church), 10 years of tax audits for the church and re-registration of the church.

While all of this is going on, we had made plans for Melissa, Emily and Benji to return to the States for her brother’s wedding on September 1st, but we needed two things to happen in order for this to become a reality. First, Emily’s passport was expiring on August 4th, and it needed to be renewed before the trip. This turned out to be a problem because her passport had been sitting at immigration since January waiting for a residency visa. In mid-July, I was able to retrieve the family’s passports from immigration (only nine hours before our scheduled appointment) and submit the necessary passports for renewal. I went to pick up the new passports two weeks before the flight but noticed that Emily’s birthday was incorrect in her new passport. An emergency passport was issued for Emily, and it was ready the following morning.

The second thing that we needed was to get our travel visas in order. I spent fourteen days in the capital during August trying to help the church, help us acquire our residency visas. Two days before their flight leaves, we go back to immigration with the necessary papers. The processing of residency visa applications is supposed to take forty-five days, but when we explained the situation, an immigration officer had compassion on us and processed the applications within six hours!

We now have our residency visas, and Melissa, Emily and Benji made their flight! There is even more to this story, but a prayer letter can only be so long. In summation, things happened that revealed God was orchestrating things behind the scenes. We praise Him that “all things worked together for good” when it was all said and done.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support,
Seth Acree & family


  • Residency Visas!
  • Melissa, Emily and Benji being able to go to Melissa’s brother’s wedding.
  • Partners in ministry (the Ludwigs) are now fully supported and coming to Ghana soon.


Prayer Requests:

  • Simon - a young adult who has been coming faithfully to church for the last month. He has almost completed the Salvation Bible Study, and I feel that he is close to accepting Christ.
  • Church growth.

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