Date: Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 9:32 AM
Subject: Acree Update ver17.11

Dear Praying Friends,

Off The Road:  We have been in several missions conferences in recent weeks (traveling to Delaware and Florida). Each was a blessing to us, and we praise the Lord for His safety over the many miles.
On To Ghana:  When Benji was born on September 12th, the clock began ticking on acquiring all of the necessary paperwork for our scheduled return to Ghana on November 28th. It has been obvious to us that many have been praying, because we received Benji’s social security number and birth certificate within 2 weeks of his birth and his passport before he turned one month old. On November 10th, I received the last bit of documentation needed to submit our visa applications, and on November 16th, our passports came back to us with approved visas within! As far as paperwork goes, nothing is lacking, and we are ready to return to Ghana.
When we return to Ghana, we will be moving from our current residence in Kumasi to the city of Sunyani. We will have 2 months to make this transition, so please be in prayer that we would be able to find the right house to meet our needs as a family and that it would be in a good location. Once we are established there as a family, we will begin holding Bible studies for the purpose of developing it into our first church plant. It is not too early to begin praying that the Lord would give us the right place to meet and to prepare the hearts of those that we will come in contact with, even before we arrive.
Over the last several months, the Lord has confirmed to us His will regarding a partnership with the Neil Ludwig family. They are currently on deputation, and we are praying that the Lord would allow them to join us in Sunyani in His timing.
About The Family:  It was not widely publicized ahead of time, but Katie had eye surgery to correct estropia (crossed eyes) on October 19th. Praise the Lord that the surgery was a success, and over the last month, she has made a complete recovery. Our 3 oldest children finished their last day of Christian school on October 31st, and Melissa has already resumed homeschooling with them. Benji is steadily growing and is healthy.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support,
Seth Acree & family


  • Prompt acquisition of documentation needed to return to Ghana.
  • Katie’s successful surgery.
  • New team members to join us in ministry in the near future.


Prayer Requests:

  • The move to Sunyani: finding the right house to live in and the right place to start a church.
  • The Neil Ludwig Family to join us in His timing.
  • More paperwork that needs to be completed when we arrive in Ghana.

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