Date: Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 5:14 PM
Subject: Acree Update, ver 19.11


Dear Praying Friends,
The Ministry:  Since our last prayer letter, we have been able to start a pseudo-bus route (we use our Land Rover instead of an actual bus). We started by picking up a classmate of Gilbert’s in the neighboring town of Abisem, which is about a 10 minute drive and too far for him to be expected to walk. Since that first Sunday, family members and friends have joined in, and now, we are picking up and dropping off anywhere from three to six youth every Sunday morning. If it continues to grow, I’ll have to start dropping my family off at church before running this route. This opportunity has also opened the door to talk with some of their parents, who as Seventh Day Adventist, didn’t understand why we were meeting on Sunday instead of Saturday. In spite of their beliefs, they’ve given us permission to baptize their children, and while the children have not yet given a testimony of salvation, we take this to mean that the children have permission to continue coming to our church.
On December 7th, we will be hosting a “health day” for the community of Ohene-gyan at the school where our church meets. One of Melissa’s nursing friends from college will be coming to with two her daughters to teach some of the health classes that day, while I and a national pastor friend of mine will be preaching in between some of the sessions. Since this is our first time attempting an event like this, pray that it will go well and be fruitful.
The Family:  Besides the normal stuff like the kids are growing, there is not much to report other than that Melissa has been having some serious health issues. About three weeks back, Melissa had an asthma attack that sent her to the hospital for a day, and she has not had one this severe since we moved to Ghana. We are attempting to get the necessary medication and equipment for our house to treat the symptoms before they get to the point that they did. In addition to this, Melissa has been struggling with excessive fatigue. While being a missionary and living in a third-world country can be stressful, her everyday routine is not the cause of this weakness. She has had several tests done, and so far, all of the results have returned normal. Please pray that we will find the root cause of this issue because it is not going away on its own.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support,

Seth Acree & family

Prayer Requests:

  • December 7th Health Day outreach.
  • Melissa’s health.
  • Paperwork: still missing 3 of 5 non-citizen ID cards applied for in June. Also awaiting approval for quota slot applications.



  • Opportunity and fruit from starting a bus route.

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