March 2017


Dear Praying Friends and Family,

April 12th will mark my one-year anniversary in Romania. I have learned so much in only twelve months of language school, and I thank you all for your prayers! Learning the language of the people is one of the more important aspects of my ministry. How can I properly share the Gospel to the Romanian people without being able to tell them about Jesus in their own language? I have learned from experience that I cannot always rely on a translator to convey the exact meaning that I want to express. Instead, I have discovered that teaching and speaking to the people in their own language is much more effective.

My teacher Emma has been so helpful as she explains Romanian grammar and culture. Two weeks ago the center held a cultural seminar. The seminar was directed specifically to Americans working with Romanians. You’d be amazed to see how much of the culture in Romania affects communication. The seminar covered so much and was so helpful in understanding the Romanian culture.

Understanding the culture will help me understand what people mean by what they say. Even though I understand their words, I do not necessarily understand what they are saying. And even if I am able to speak Romanian clearly, this does not always guarantee that I will be understood by Romanians. Americans typically think that speaking directly solves all problems related to miscommunication, but when working with Romanians, this is not always the case. Most Romanians speak indirectly, and sometimes when an American speaks directly, a Romanian believes something is stated indirectly. There are many examples I can give, but let's just say, understanding culture is vital to communication. 

Thank you all for being so patient with me this year as I have been focusing mainly on language learning instead of ministry work. I finished language school last week in Timisoara. While I have learned a great deal, I have much more to learn. Just because I am no longer attending language school every day does not mean I am finished learning or that I am fluent in the language. Language school has given me a good foundation, and I will continue learning through immersion and ministry work. In my last letter I mentioned that my goal was to translate several Bible lessons into Romanian so I could start teaching immediately. I managed to complete several lessons in preparation for Easter before school ended. Please pray for me as I start teaching the children in church. Much more must be done than simply teaching in Romanian. These kids are little rascals and like to keep me on my toes. I must know my lessons thoroughly and teach them in a way that they will remember, while keeping an eye on the ones who try to be disruptive.

Now that the Georges are back in Romania from furlough, I am staying with them in Sighetu Marmației until I can find an apartment in Satu Mare. Our three gypsy church plants are all near Satu Mare. Traveling over the mountain from Sighetu to Satu Mare requires about two hours. Naturally, the Georges also want to move to Satu Mare to be closer to the churches. For this to happen they need to find an affordable home that is big enough for their family of seven, and they also need to find a buyer for the house in Sighetu. Please pray with me that the Lord will guide us to the right homes near Satu Mare and a buyer for the George’s home in Sighetu.

For of Him, and to Him, and through Him
Jordan Elaine Bennington




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