Ruben's first letter!


Ruben & Jordan Cristinoiu 

Spring 2017

Hello everyone. Jordan and I thank you all for the congratulations and best wishes on our marriage. We are blessed by all your prayers, encouragement, and support. I am excited and a little nervous as I write this first letter to you. My English is not very good but I am thankful for Jordan’s help. She has told me many stories about each church and supporter and I look forward to meeting you in person.  Pastors, if we have not planned a meeting with your church please contact us for available dates so we may give a report while we are in the States this fall. 


The best way to contact us is through our email.

Jordan and I are finally settled in our apartment in Baia Mare, a city near by Satu Mare. We have taught several Wednesday night kids clubs and this week Jordan will be able to start teaching Sunday School. In just another week however, we will be staying with family in Ploiesti as it is only thirty minutes away from Bucharest. We must travel from Satu Mare to Bucharest to get all of our documents in order. Jordan needs to renew her visa for Romania, while I need a visitors visa for the States.

Please pray with us that we receive our visas quickly. The process of obtaining a visa can quickly become long, costly, and very complicated. It is not easy traveling the 400 miles (nine hours by car) between Satu Mare to Bucharest. It is also very difficult being away from the churches when we know there is so much to be done. This situation needs to be showered with prayer as it is vital to the ministry. As soon as this is resolved, Jordan and I can start a regular routine with the teens and children’s ministries.



This is going to be the Sunday School room. As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done. Jordan can hardly wait to start teaching in a real class room.


Much has happened since Jordan’s last update. The week before Eater in Medies, one of our teenagers and two ladies asked Christ to save them, while two other people came forward to repent and rededicate their lives to Christ. On Easter Sunday, Five people were baptized including the Georges’ 9 year old son, Noah. Three babies were also dedicated to the Lord. We are very encouraged to see the fruits of the labor in this church. Please continue to pray for our churches in Medies, Turulung, and Pomi. We are specifically praying for the Lord’s wisdom to know His timing as we decide when to build a church building in Pomi. 



Baptism in Medies


Sadly, a few weeks ago a young boy around Noah’s age passed away in Medies. Solomon, age eight, was on a wagon with his father Robi and older brother David when a truck hit them. The crash killed their horse immediately and sent their wagon in the ditch. Robi and David recovered after a few days in a nearby hospital, but Solomon was taken by helicopter to the larger hospital in Cluj. After two operations, Solomon did not improve and passed away the following Saturday. After Solomon’s death, Robi shared some of his life choices with Brent, who then shared the Gospel with Robi and comforted him through the Scriptures. Please be in prayer for Robi and the family at this time. He has come to church a few times alone in the past, but just this last week he came with his wife and children. Please pray with us that the Lord will use this tragedy to bring him and his family to Christ. 


Your missionaries to Romania 

Ruben and Jordan Cristinoiu 


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