Subject: The Solomon Islands needs more Laborers!


January 2020

Dear Prayer Partners,                                

The closing of 2019 has been extremely eventful in our family and ministry.  Mid November we were settling back into life in the Solomon Islands, and were also excited to have Nora’s mother and sister here for a visit during the Thanksgiving season. Their visit was interrupted when Nora began to experience severe lower abdominal pain. After a doctor examination, he advised us to evacuate her out to Australia with the suspicion of appendicitis. Nora spent part of the next 18-20 hours in the Honiara hospital, as we rushed to get everything ready for her medical evacuation. What a tremendous blessing it was to have Nora’s mom and sister with us. Claire, caring for Kezia, accompanied Nora on the medical jet to Australia, and Mom Stewart stayed with Corban while I was overseeing Nora leaving the island. Mom Stewart, Corban, and I followed two days later on the next direct commercial flight. After arrival to the hospital in Australia and several tests, the doctors determined that Nora had ovarian torsion and needed surgery to remove the large cyst. My Nora braved a foreign hospital, surgery, and recovery all by herself. I am in awe of her courage. We were also so blessed to be assisted by fellow missionaries there. We are thankful for their kindness and hospitality while Nora was recovering from her surgery. The rest of our family’s visit, including Thanksgiving, was spent in Australia and we were able to arrive back to the Solomon Islands on December 12th. 

Because we do not have any co-workers, much going on with the church had to be put on pause when the medical emergency surfaced. We were in the middle of a remodel of our church rental facilities in order to make things more presentable. A church being nice and clean is very important in the Solomon culture. The run down state of the building was becoming harder if not impossible to make it suitable for a church. It has been a blessing to see the excitement of several of our men as they chipped their time in to help out with the hard work. 

Nora had been working with the children to prepare a Christmas program. We were so thankful to get back in time to continue with those plans even though we had just one week to throw it all together. This was our first one here, and the children did an excellent job in portraying the Christmas story. We had a total of 13 first-time visitors, which I believe was a high for visitors.  We are looking forward to next year as we learned some lessons this time around that will make next year, Lord-willing, even more successful. Plus, prayerfully, we will not have a medical emergency right before the program. All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas celebration as we focused on Jesus being the true reason we celebrate Christmas.  

Please continue to pray for us as we are seeking the Lord’s help and guidance in several areas of our lives and ministries. Pray that Nora would continue to heal not only from her recent surgery, but also continued healing from her Lyme disease. Pray that we would be able to complete the church remodel quickly so that we can focus on a big evangelism and outreach push for the beginning of this year. Pray that the Lord would give us patience but also guidance as we continue the search for property in the Solomon Islands. As I have mentioned before, the culture doesn’t really view us as a church until we are meeting in our own building. Learning another culture and way of thinking, has been a growing experience for sure. 

Last, and more pressing than ever, we are pleading with God for co-workers to come and assist in the work. There is so much to be done here and we are very limited in what we can do alone. We have big dreams for what God can accomplish in this country. The possibilities are endless, but the need for more laborers is vital.  Please pray with us in this area.  

May God bless you all as you begin this new year. May we all see the work of God go forward and see souls reached for His Glory.


All for Him,

Michael, Honorah, Corban, and Kezia Deatrick


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