Dear Faithful Supporters,

We have just finished seven months of working to establish Pacific Light Baptist Church. There have been times where it felt like we were running in place, but in the last two months things have really began to take off in the area of growth for the people of PLBC. We continue weekly outreach trying to find more people who are searching for truth and a loving church. The most exciting part is that I have been averaging six to seven Bible studies a week as people continue the discipleship process. I am so amazed at how God works in the lives of people. It is a privilege to have a front row seat to the spiritual growth of so many people. In the last two months, we have seen more people make professions of faith. Our prayer is that they will have a desire to stay faithful to church and begin their christian walk. This past Sunday, I was excited to see two men visit the church. It was a blessing to me because they came as a result of our church people witnessing to them and inviting them. It was exciting to see the people of PLBC get excited about someone being there because they had invited them. I love seeing God work.
Thank you all so much for your prayers for Nora and Corban. They have acclimated to living in the states and the timezone difference. Nora’s cerclage procedure went very well without any complications and she is 18 weeks along. All of the recent check-ups with the baby have been excellent and each day we get more and more excited to meet this precious baby. 
Corban’s personality is growing and developing. Everyday he is learning more things to do...and things he shouldn’t do. He is starting to say some new words too, which is exciting for mommy and daddy to hear. I enjoy every chance I can chat with him through video. I have never been more thankful for technology. I just wish Corban would change his bad habit of saying “bye” as soon as the video begins and proceed to try and press the red “end call” button.
This separation from my Nora and Corban has been really difficult, but God has given us strength to keep going and pressing on in the work. I am very excited that in just a few days, I will be arriving in the States to spend one month with my family. It will be such joyful time as our little family will be reunited and be able to spend Thanksgiving together. We are so thankful for an evangelist from the States, Colton Lee, who volunteered to replace me while I go and visit my wife and child. He has arrived safely and we are spending a few days helping him adjust here to the Islands before I fly to the USA.
Please pray that God would continue to bless the work here in the Solomon Islands. Also for Nora, and the little one she is carrying, pray that God would keep both of them safe. Please keep Corban in prayer. Nora says that he is having a blast with his grandparents, but she said it is evident how much he misses his daddy. Also remember the people of PLBC and Brother Colton as the keeps the ministry going during my absence.
Thank you so much for your prayer and support. May God bless you as we approach the end of the year. It is a privilege to partner with each and every one of you in our mission to reach these Islands with the gospel Jesus Christ.

All for Him,
Michael, Nora, Corban and Baby Deatrick


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