Subject: Teen Camp 1



Dear Praying Friend,
We hand an outstanding first week of the summer.  It was exciting to see the campers enjoying the Lakeglide after our long wait to have it functional on the property.  In addition to all the fun games, we had some other special events for the campers.  A friend of the camp, Joe Latrell, has offered to come each week of teen and junior camp and explain a bit about rocketry and launch a six-foot rocket.  The campers really enjoyed seeing the big rocket launched 750 feet into the sky.  We also had a staff parade this year and it was great fun for the campers and staff.
The real joy of camp was watching campers make life changing decisions.  It was super exciting see a young man receive Christ on Tuesday night. It seemed that each night the evangelist touched on an area of his life that needed changes.  One night when he came out during the invitation, he told the counselor that he needed to be baptized.  When he was asked why he wanted to be baptized, he simply said "because the Bible says so and I want to do what the Bible says."  There were also several issues in his life that he addressed after he received Christ.
One young man came with significant struggles in his life.  It was super neat to see the change in his spirit throughout the week.  By Saturday morning, he was paying rapt attention and feverously taking notes. This morning (Sunday), he met with his pastor for some discipleship and accountability. 
Another girl shared at the Friday testimony time that she was so far from the Lord that she didn’t want to dress like a Christian or do anything that would identify her as a Christian.  She also shared the strained relationship with her parents.  It was thrilling to hear her desire to get things right in her life. The following is part of a text that we received from her dad on Saturday night.  “I am praising God for the work He is doing in _________ heart!  She made some good decisions this week and is asking for help from her mother and I to keep them! God is so good!
Many other stories could be told.  One about a teen that received assurance of her salvation, or a godly young lady that took another spiritual step, or another young man the committed to spending time everyday having his devotions.  The stories could go on and on but let me simply say “to God be the glory, great things He is doing.”
Tomorrow (Monday), we are looking forward to the arrival 54 energetic juniors.  Please pray with us that God would do His work in the hearts of these young people. 
Because of Christ,
Jim Fry




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