Date: Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 5:39 PM
Subject: Teen Camp 3



Dear Praying Friend,
Wow, what an exciting week.  It is super thrilling to see a group of young people that were sensitive to the Spirit of God and willing to make changes and commitments in their lives.  On Friday evening, Brother Jim invited everyone that had made any sort of a commitment this week to come to the front and kneel in prayer.  It was a very special sight.

For this week’s prayer letter, I could go in many directions, but I will focus on tears.  Tears are certainly NOT an indication of a person’s sincerity, but tears do often give an idea of what is happening on the inside.  Allow me to tell three "tear" stories.

One of the counselors had a one-on-one with a very sweet but unsaved teenager.  The counselor clearly gave the plan of salvation and presented it in several different ways.  Although the teenager clearly understood, she was not willing to respond to God’s gift of salvation.  When the counselor left that one-on-one she was crying almost uncontrollably.  The counselor was burdened and just could not understand why someone would reject God’s free and simple plan of salvation.  We are thankful for staff that truly care about the campers.
Another counselor described a very good one-on-one with one of her campers, but she felt that there was something missing and perhaps she had not fully shared a struggle in her life. The following evening that same young lady responded to the invitation and confessed about the way she treated her parents.  She cried almost uncontrollably as she called her parents to make it right.  It was such a thrill for her to have such a sensitive heart.

The third “tear” story is about the counselor that broke her arm the first week.  Just this week, the nurse was telling me that although the girl had a very serious break she did not see a tear in her eye until she realized that she would need to go home and would not be able to minister to the campers in her cabin.  At that point, tears welled up in her eyes.   
Perhaps, this was an unusual theme for this letter, but I am very thankful for the godly and dedicated staff that God has provided for this summer.  It is a true blessing to work with godly young people that truly have a desire to serve.

Thank you for your prayer support,
Jim Fry




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