Dear Pastor,


    The Lord has answered a couple of specific prayers here recently and I wanted to let you know.

    Last Friday I spoke to a man who I have been witnessing to for about a year. It is a long story but he has been going through a very difficult time. About three weeks ago he was sent to a psychiatric ward because of his anxieties. After about nine days, they sent him home again. His wife was concerned about him coming home so soon and I had my doubts as well. It turns out that he made a decision for the Lord while he was there in hospital. He testified of how he acknowledged that he could not solve his problems (including sin and guilt, etc.) and that only the Lord could. He said that he has peace which has definitely not been the case since I’ve known him. He and his wife have come to the Sunday morning services for two weeks in a row and he definitely seems to be a different person. His name is James and his wife is Emma. Emma is also saved but is still a “baby” Christian. They have three boys who still need to be saved. Jack (17 or 18), Zack (16 or 17) and Kai (11). The boys have not attended very many church services but I think Emma has also been witnessing to them.

    On Sunday night after the service, a lady named Hazel asked to speak to Addie in private. Apparently she (Hazel) had been experiencing some frightening things in her life. To make another long story shorter, I came over after a few minutes and joined in the conversation. Hazel has been coming faithfully to the evening services for over a year now. We asked her about salvation and she agreed that she wanted to be saved. She went ahead and accepted salvation in Jesus.

    I was in the town center market on Tuesday when Hazel, James and Emma all came up to chat. Hazel excitedly told Emma about her decision. She said “I have God in the life now”. They all three were happy for each other and it is a blessing to see how the Lord has worked in their lives.

    Thank you for your continued prayers for the Lord to save others in Gainsborough and for these to grow in the Lord.


Praising the Lord,


Tom Rooney

Missionary in England 

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