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MARCH 2017

Quarterly Prayer Letter

 Dear Praying Friends,
            The beginning of 2017 has been both very difficult and also very encouraging for our family. Problems began during the January 29 Sunday services at Open Bible B. C. As Sue began to teach her Sunday school class the pastor's wife essentially told her to stop. I taught the adult Bible class, Aaron led singing and Daniel preached as usual. Later, Pastor Nyaga told me it would be best if we did not attend there anymore. He said his wife was suffering from "deep depression." She told me by phone that her church does not need missionaries. After pouring our hearts and lives into that work it was a sad time for the whole family, - but we know that God has a plan for us and we will simply look for him to lead to our next local church ministry.
            With Aaron and Daniel old enough to carry much of the load, we have begun to survey several areas and pray for God’s guidance for a new church plant. Please pray with us and for us at this time. Also pray that God will preserve the ministry at Open Bible Baptist Church.
            Since that time, we have looked at four possible places and have one more to survey. The biggest issue we have seen is land availability for the long term life of a new church. Either land is not available or it is extremely high priced. We remain confident that our Father has all the wealth needed to establish a new work and that ours is simply to discern His will and be obedient to it.
            In the meantime, we have been able to visit several churches that we have not been to in a long time. Our family has had opportunities to preach, teach and minister in music over the past two months. One church has asked us to begin attending there permanently and to assist with Sunday school and the adult Bible study. That church already has a reasonably strong ministry team and I do not want to do anything to overshadow the nationals or take ministry responsibilities away from those who are already serving. I am considering taking up the offer on a short term basis with the goal of helping their people develop in their ministry skills. Pray for wisdom in this decision.
            Since I am anticipating my second knee replacement late in April, we will probably continue this itinerant ministry, while seeking God’s direction for the future, until I have recovered. That should have us back planting a church in the fall.
             Other than my knees, our family has been healthy and we have remained as active as possible in the Lord’s work.

In Kenya for Christ,
Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen



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