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Quarterly Prayer Letter

 Dear Praying Friends,
 I will use this prayer letter opportunity to give you a review and summary of our year.
 This has been an unusual year for us. I taught Greek Syntax and Bible and Science first term and Greek Syntax third term, but I did not teach a course during the second term. This is the first time in well over a dozen years that I had a term off while we were in Kenya instead of on furlough.
The primary reason that I removed myself from the college schedule was so that I could have my second knee replacement. The surgery was scheduled for early in May but was delayed by three weeks due to an infection. Recovery of strength in my knees after this surgery has taken much longer than after the first surgery. This is primarily because the first surgery was done on an already much-weaker knee, and this second was done on my “good” knee – at least good from a muscle strength point of view, not so good with regard to arthritis and pain. I have a daily physio-exercise regimen, use the treadmill when I am able and do between sixty and ninety minutes on my exercise bike most days. My strength is recovering, but slowly.
As soon as I was able to be out and about, our family began surveying areas around Thika for a possible new church plant. After much prayer and looking seriously at seven different locations, God led us to begin Trinity Baptist Church in a market town called Gatukuyu. For years, I have been telling others that someone needs to go there to start a church, and the Lord decided°enough talk, time for action. I put out a fleece before the Lord by saying that we would start a church there if we could rent a room on the market square. I was told finding such a room would be impossible because they are in much demand for various shops. I sent our house worker, Isaac, out to Gatukuyu to ask about a room, and he immediately found a lady who had just built a rental room just three shops off the square!
We had committed ourselves to a six-week ministry series at Bethel Baptist Church in Nairobi but the following week, October 8, we started Trinity Baptist Church. It has been a great blessing to share the preaching responsibilities at the new church with Aaron and Daniel. Both feel that the Lord has called them to serve Him in Kenya and, by God’s grace, perhaps one will become the pastor of Trinity Baptist some day.
From the very first day, we have had about twenty-five faithful children attending, and we are doing what we can to reach into their homes with the Gospel. Few adults have come to the services, but Daniel was able to lead a man named George to Christ. He has been attending faithfully, has brought his wife and children to church and is doing a discipleship Bible study with Daniel.
In December, we showed the Swahili version of The Pilgrim’s Progress film in three segments with preaching related to the film. We had as many as eight adults attend the services. This included a new family and some mothers of our Sunday school children. Pray for further opportunities to minister to these families.
On December 2, we held our Bible college graduation with fourteen students receiving Bible certificates or degrees. This was our largest graduating class so far and brings the number of graduates to thirty-nine. Please pray that many will continue toward a higher level of education and that the Lord will bring in others for us to train. 2018 will be out tenth year of running the Bible college, and we will be sponsoring several special events to commemorate the anniversary and to promote the college program in local churches.
Our family is doing well and we are all keeping busy. Daniel has completed the first year in his Bachelor’s program, and Aaron will graduate next year with his Bachelor of Arts Degree.
In Kenya for Christ,
Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen




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