Simonsens Kenya Prayer letter


                                       Daniel    Sue    Rick     Aaron


 We are seeing God’s hand of blessing at Trinity Baptist Church in Gatukuyu. The boys have been a great help in song leading and special music, and they also share in the preaching ministry. All three of us are developing PowerPoint presentations to go along with our messages, and we find this an excellent way to reinforce the truths that we are seeking to present.
We have 25-30 very faithful Sunday school children coming each week, and Sue does a great job of putting together a weekly program to teach them the Bible. She is also using PowerPoint, and we find that it really helps to hold the children’s attention. As a general rule, village children are not as well disciplined as town children tend to be.
Getting adults to come to church has been a more difficult matter. Some parents even bring their smaller children to church on Sunday and tell us how happy they are that we have started the church – but they themselves do not see their need to be in church. Pray for George and his family and Elizabeth to develop faithfulness to the church services.
 Our college year has started very well. Dr. Jim Van Gelderen was the speaker for our annual Spiritual Life Retreat to kick-off the tenth year of Independent Baptist College of Ministry. Our friend, Dr. James Kimotho, donated five goats for the first day’s feast, where we also invited college graduates and their wives to join us.
This year, I am teaching first-year Greek all three terms, Hebrew and World History during the first and second terms, and Bible Archaeology during the third term. This will be a very busy year after a limited schedule last year.
Lord willing, Aaron will graduate with a BA in November and Daniel is in his second year of college. Both are excellent students.
 Gatukuyu is a developing area but still far enough away from Kenya’s metropolitan centers that Swahili is still the primary language of ministry. For this reason, we feel that it will be necessary to delay our furlough for a year or more and will likely be unable to travel as a family any more – someone needs to stay back and keep the work moving forward. We had planned a 2019 furlough but have delayed that to 2020. As we get nearer to that time, we’ll re-evaluate the situation and make a decision as to when we can travel.
 I want to thank all of you who have been praying for my recovery from knee replacement surgeries. I have now fully recovered and am pain-free in both knees. I am still working on various exercises to strengthen my left leg. For twenty years, I have favored my right leg, and the left one got very weak from lack of use. I also continue to have back pain since my back surgery in 2005. Disc replacement might relieve some of the pain, but that will be only as a last resort. By planning ahead and trusting the Lord, I’m able to get along quite well as it is.
The rest of the family are doing very well health-wise, and we are all rejoicing in the Lord’s using us in His work.
In Kenya for Christ,
Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen



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