What our fence post looks likes after a visit from hungry termites.


Sue's News 23 September 2017

Last week I typed my letter in Word as usual, but when I tried to copy and paste it into mail chimp it wouldn't do it.  That was rather annoying.  I had to print my letter from Word and retype it in mail chimp.  Believe me, there were a lot of things I thought about leaving out the second time!  Today I'm not risking it -- I'm typing in mail chimp.

We have two more Sundays at Bethel.  Last week they had another meeting after church, so my class met late again.  I'm still making progress, but not much.  I keep assuring the ladies (and myself) that we will finish.  We may arrange a one day Saturday seminar some day in the future.

The guys went hiking at Hell's Gate National Park with the visiting teacher as well as some of the other missionary men and MKs on Monday.  They had fun and no one got stuck in quick sand this time. :)  I was confident that Aaron and Daniel would be fine because Zaccheaus Rains was with them and if anything is going to happen it usually happens to him!  While they were gone we went to town.  I picked paint for the front of the church room at Gatukuyu.  It looked like a very good colour to match the pale green the landlord had put on the doors -- dark but not too dark.  When I saw the paint spot on the top of the can I was worried -- it didn't look very dark.  We didn't want a light colour because of cute little hand smudges that will be there by next week -- or before.  Today Gideon painted and it looked good.  Whew! :)

Daniel had an adventurous day on Tuesday.  He went to the funeral for a friend's grandmother up near Nakuru.  The trip involved a very early departure, numerous means of transportation, and a very late return.  He traveled with another friend who is an intern at the government hospital here in Thika.

We took Chafu to the vet for her check up on Tuesday.  She is much better!  She recently had another nose bleed.  We found out that those were caused by Nairobi Bleeders Disease -- a tick borne disease that hinders clotting.  She got another shot for that and should not have that problem any more.  Her heart is much better too.  All good news. :)  It still check to make sure she is breathing when she's been laying somewhere for a while.

While we were gone Isaac started painting the ceiling in the bathroom.  There isn't a vent and the window is right by the shower so I have it boarded up.  That results in a constant battle with mold.  Isaac wipes it down with bleach every once in a while, but it did need a fresh coat of pain.  I didn't realize that he was going to use oil based paint (very smelly) or I would have had him wait a day or two because I had a ladies' meeting here on Wednesday.  I spent the rest of Tuesday cooking, dusting, and  finishing a lesson for the meeting.

Rick's term off from teaching in the college to recover from the surgery is over.  He's glad -- he's missed it.  I took advantage of an empty house to get computer work done.  It is an excellent day for projects. :)

The guys had college classes on Friday.  Since we have two block classes each term we don't need classes on Monday or Friday to fulfill the standard requirements for class hours.  Their Tuesday classes were meeting again on Friday so that the college can take a week off when we have the re-election.  It is still scheduled for 17 October, but there is talk about changing that.  The tech company says they can't save the information from all the laptops used in the last election and get them all ready for this one on time.  So now we are planning events with two dates -- one if the election is on the 17th and another if it is moved.  Both dates are subject to change depending on conditions in the country at the time.

A new restaurant opened down the road.  It is a small place at the Shell station.  We have visited with the owners (an older man, his wife, and a son educated in the States) often and have been waiting for them to open.  We were actually invited to the Grand Opening -- but it was Thursday afternoon and Rick was teaching.  Rick and I went yesterday.  I think we may have been their first customers.  They don't have menus yet so ordering was a bit of a challenge. :)  They didn't have a lot to choose from either -- but what we got was good.  They had samosas -- which can be hot depending on where you get them.  These had a bit of chilly, but not too much.  Now I know where to send Gideon to get me a snack if I want real food some Thursday. :)

We were at Gatukuyu again today.  A lady came over to talk to Rick.  He bought poles from her when we were building Jumapili Baptist in Ng'oing'wa.  That was so long ago that it wasn't even called Ng'oing'wa then and didn't have any houses except for coffee farm workers quarters!  Now it is a major sub-division.  Gatukuyu hasn't changed much over the years, but change is heading that way.  Rick said we had more kids today than last week.  Switching from one activity to another is a huge challenge -- but we are working on it.  We usually take about two hours with the kids now, but will have to change things when we switch to Sunday School and only have one hour.  We will also have to quickly switch from the kid's set up to a church set up -- all in one small room!  It will be exciting -- especially if the kids help!

Have a great week!
Love, Susan



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