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Tina Rains brought some new flowers :)
The garland at the top covers a gap between the molding and the chimney.
If you can't fix it -- hide it. :)

Sue's News 28 April 2018


Peeling pond scum. :)
Here is your weekly Chuma picture.


I just finished practicing violin with Suzy Rains.  The puppies were waiting for me to come back to the computer so they could take their afternoon nap. :)

We started Sunday School with nineteen kids and all but one (except for the kids that are too little) said their verse!  That was a very good start!  I'm not sure how many we finished class with, but most of the chairs were full.  Tasha came with the cutest little ear hat.  She comes all bundled up (Kenyans love to bundle their kids), but takes off piece by piece throughout the lesson.  Once I looked over and saw her big brother wearing the hat. :)  That isn't surprising -- guys on motorcycles wear all kinds of hats that Americans would consider funny -- from Santa hats to cute ones with ears.

The other day I realized that our power hadn't been off much this rainy season.  I hate it when I think things like that.  Even though you don't admit to anyone you thought it all of a sudden the power becomes less reliable.  That was the case on Monday and Tuesday evenings!  When I was locking up Monday I watched a fog roll up from the field and over our yard.  It brought chilly air with it.  The beginning of the week was wet again, but it has been drier since.

I worked on a lot of projects early in the week.  I wasn't sure how far I would get in storytelling, so I pulled out all the books I use for examples of different kinds of stories.  I didn't get that far, so I'm all set for this  week.  Mrs. Kimotho (Mama Joy) was sick on Tuesday, but she managed to come to the storytelling class as well as six other ladies from Bethel.  So we went from one student to eight.  I think we are going to move to the larger classroom this week. :)  We only had four copies of the notes, and I had one, so there was a lot of sharing. :)  The ladies were all very understanding and cooperative.  We are having more notes copied for this week and even added an extra one, but Mama Joy send me a list of ten other ladies she has been working on. :)  Mama Joy was surprised that the ladies said they wanted to take the quizzes and do the homework too!  I don't think she was planning on that. :)  Some of the ladies took pictures of the notes with their phones and others had me email them the notes so they could study this week. :)  I heard a report that they were all talking about parables using the concrete to teach the abstract after class.  They should do well on that question on the quiz. :)

I was home more this week, so I made yummy things.  We had extra milk this week and Aaron reminded me that Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Bread takes a lot of milk.  The fridge was getting full, so I made some. :)  I'm going to make raisin spice on Monday to use up some more milk.  Yesterday I roasted chickens.  When the guys saw chickens thawing they wondered who was coming for lunch.  No company this time -- I just wanted enough food to get through the weekend and I needed to use some chickens to make room for meat from Farmer's Choice.  We are almost out of hamburger!  No one complained about my choice. :)

I finished writing the Christmas book for this year.  Formatting and editing starts next.  It isn't going to the States early this year so we still have time. :)  I'm enthusiastic about working on it right now.  I enjoyed seeing how it came together at the end. :)

Mama Michelle came for Bible study today.  Mama Sam (the younger) was out of town.  She is supposed to be back today.  Mama Sam (the older) is here this week selling things.  I hope she will be able to join the Bible study if she is still around next week.  Murimi wasn't around this morning, but I will send her a text during the week. :)  Progress is progress -- maybe one will be come eight just like storytelling. :)

Have a great week!
Love, Susan



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