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Sue's News 7 January 2018

Daniel gave me a grater for Christmas.  We had "grate" fun reading the directions! :)

I thought I had time to get to the computer three times yesterday.  Each time I remembered something else that needed to be done.  You may have notice I never quite made it.  Of course, I could have stayed up late to write when I finished everything else -- but I opted not to. :)  Whatever I wrote would have been less coherent than usual anyway. :)

As you know, I like holidays.  Last Sunday I was tempted to not like them as well.  Not one Sunday School kid knew their verse!  I guess they were all still on holiday!  We took a squeaky ball with us and explained what they had to do to earn one.  This morning four were there on time and said verses.  That wasn't as many as usual, but they were on time and each one said it perfectly!

The men had scheduled watching football (American) on New Year's Day, but we were alerted that those plans would change if they could fit in a last minute safari for the visitor from the States.  I already had sausages out of the freezer, but decided to wait and see before I made anything else.  Mid-morning I decided I'd better not wait any longer and headed for the kitchen.  A bit later we found out it wasn't just the men who were coming.  Sausage and chips would have been fine for the men, but the menu had to be expanded for the others.  It was a good thing I had gotten peas and more potatoes at the market "just in case."

Chafu was born in January, so she is twelve now. :)  We are all glad she made it to the New Year. :)  As I mentioned before, she has a supporting roll in the 2017 Christmas book which you should be getting soon.  Ashlyn Rains took them to the States last week so now it is just a matter of distribution.  Speaking of which, the Kimothos are already working at getting information for putting out the past Christmas books.  I have to get busy scanning ones that never got transferred from old computers.

Since the house was full on Monday, I didn't start taking down Christmas decorations until Tuesday.  I finished the school room and bathrooms.  I didn't make any progress on Wednesday because we had mentor chapel.  The guys started a modular class on Wednesday.  They have been wondering what happened to their break. :)  We stopped at Tusky's on the way home to get fish fingers, but everyone was busy buying things for sending their kids back to school.  There was a crowd around the deli and no food in it.  We came home and had leftovers. :)

We went back on Thursday to get meat for last night.  We usually buy our meat at the processing plant, but we used the beef and pork for Ethiopian Christmas.  We got the meat, did some shopping, and even got fish fingers. :)  I did work on decorations in the afternoon.  I worked on the annex (small space at the end of the dining room behind the hutch).  Friday I worked all day and got the village put away.  There are just two boxes left from the sitting room.  I hope to finish tomorrow, but I am also making cakes for a 10th anniversary celebration for the college.  I don't have to decorate them all, but I don't have any sprinkles (they have "gone missing" in the stores again) and I'm not sure I can handle taking plain cakes!

Daniel and I started wandering around behind the market at Gatukuyu yesterday.  We found that after the first row of houses behind the market you are "up-country" -- small family farms. :)  We found the house of a lady who I have talked to at the market before.  She recently had a baby.  We were talking about a healthy baby being a special gift from God.  Her baby was 3.2 kilos.  I told her that Daniel was only 1.7 kilos when he was born and she told me that I didn't eat enough. :)  I decided not to try to explain. :) 

I didn't get much at the market because we will be at the retreat most of the week.  I did get plums -- which have just come in season.  Everyone has been enjoying them.  There are lots of mangoes now too.  I also got more carrots for supper and fresh coriander.  Rick had me put a bunch of coriander and some Kikuyu onions (they look like spring onions, but are really strong!) in the roasting pan.  It was a good idea! 

When we got home I started a beef roast and worked at getting the sitting room organized.  Some Christmas is still up and some of the normal things are stored in the last two Christmas boxes.  I spent the day switching from the kitchen to the sitting room.  Several times I thought I would have a few minutes to sit down, but ended up finishing just in time.  Finishing just in time is better than finishing late, so I was thankful for that. :)

This morning George came to Sunday School with his little boy (2 yrs) Peter.  Peter was really good.  The biggest challenge was getting the other kids to leave him alone.  They all wanted to take care of him and he was fine on his own.  That is a blessing because Daniel and George can do a Bible Study in the van while Peter is with us.  Peter sat with me for a bit at the beginning of the service.  I gave him my notebook and pencil.  He was very content until Daniel started playing the first song.  He gave me back the notebook and pencil and headed for the front.  I thought he was going to sit in one of the little chairs up there, but he headed straight for Daniel and started "helping" him play.  I went to get him and his father decided to supervise him the rest of the service.  Last week two of the older kids sat well through the whole service.  This week four did.  If we keep doubling every week it will be great! :)

Have a great week!
Love, Susan



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