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A Helicopter in Thika Town


Sue's News 24 February 2018

Butterfly by the door of the college office

I didn't write yesterday because I was invited to go with the Lighthouse ladies for their official visit to welcome Kayla Rains in the afternoon.  It took longer than expected -- which is to be expected in Kenya. :)

The landlord has a new tractor.  We saw it last Saturday when we came home from Gatukuyu.  They were plowing the small area in front of our hedge.  We've heard the tractor around quite a bit since then.  I don't know if they are planning to plant or if they are just plowing to clear bush.  We'll see. :)  We didn't see the tractor on Sunday -- we saw a backhoe. :)  It was up on the property line by the road digging a trench.  They brought stones a long time ago, but never did anything with them.  We are assuming they are going to put a up a wall.  Wednesday we got a letter from the landlord.  We were so thankful that it didn't say we had to move. :)  He is raising the rent for the first time since he bought the property.  Since we have been paying only a bit more than one bedroom apartments in Thika cost these days we aren't complaining. :)  It is still very reasonable and much less than what others have to pay.  The good part is that he is giving us a lease, which we have never had before, for five years. :)

We had lots of kids again last Sunday.  There is no rhyme or reason to why the come or don't come as far as I can tell.  We started with a small group this morning (the faithful older boys), but ended up with a good group.  The slow start wasn't surprising because it was cold and drizzly.  Last week 10 got prizes for saying verses and 4 for coming on time in February.  They were very excited about that. :)

The picture above is a "helicopter" that was wandering around Thika Sunday.  The basic foundation is a "tuktuk" which is a motorcycle modified to be a taxi.  They are all over Thika -- tuktuks, not helicopters. :)  Tuktuk is one of our Swahili words that comes from the sound it makes.  A motorcycle is a pikipiki and a tractor is a tingatinga. :)  They are all such fun words. :)  After I took the picture of the helicopter -- which was causing great debate if it could fly or not -- a mob of soccer fans went by.  Thankfully, they had won, so they weren't throwing rocks or breaking things.  Still, I wasn't brave enough to get out of the van and take a picture. :)  The minor (by Kenyan standards) jam they caused was gone before the guys were ready to go.

We had to go to the embassy on Monday to pick up our passports.  Rick wanted to look for a few things at the mall, so we went early, did some shopping, and had lunch.  It was Rick's spiritual birthday.  He has been saved 40 years. :)  He celebrated with a piece of cake at a coffee shop in Juja Mall on the way home.  He knew it would be much cheaper than the coffee shops in Nairobi. :)

I did my usual computer work Tuesday morning.  They sent us a link for the Sunday evening service at Mukwonago.  When we watch the live-stream I don't like to do anything else while we watch, but it isn't quite the same when it isn't live, so I watched that while I worked.  That worked well.  I bought new wash-lines on Monday -- bright red ones. :)  Isaac put them up Tuesday afternoon and they look so nice I would take a picture and for the next up date, but I'm pretty sure you're not as easily impressed as I am. :)

We started to get a little rain Tuesday night and have been having nice rains every since.  Everyone is rejoicing.  They are earlier than they used to come, but our weather patterns are much less predicable these days.  Time to rain or not -- we needed it and we are thankful!

I baked on Wednesday since I would be gone Thursday and the men had a college meeting on Friday.  I still needed to bake on Friday morning -- but I didn't have to start so early. :)

Yesterday I was just finishing in the market when I saw Murimi had come.  She hasn't been around when I was there the last two weeks.  We were able to plan for Bible study on Wednesday.  This morning Mama Peter asked if we were going to be around Wednesday because she wants to come clean. :)  Volunteers are wonderful -- especially when you haven't even asked. :)  I am hoping she will come and Murimi will come and we can do both -- clean and Bible study. :)

Gideon moved to Gatukuyu.  The rent is cheaper and they have a decent government school there so he will save a lot in school fees.  Of course, some of that will be used for transportation.  For now he is still planning to go to Victory, but his wife and children came to Trinity this morning.  They came for the service, but we are hoping the kids will be able to start coming for Sunday School.

Have a great week!
Love, Susan




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