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Sue's News 6 October 2018


It is rather late.  I should be getting ready for bed soon, but I am hoping to get this out first.    Tomorrow might be busy. :)

Last Sunday we had more children than little chairs. :)  That was good.  Aaron was busy talking to a friend Jeremiah brought, so we had to do the best we could on our own.  The children did pretty well getting big chairs for themselves. :)  The Shosho (grandmother) who came for Easter came back for the service.  That was great!  I always stop and greet her in the market.  She sells porridge stuff that she says is really good, but I'm not into porridge so I never buy any.  We didn't manage the three whole families yet -- George was missing this time.  We did have Jeremiah's friend and another man who stopped to talk to Aaron when he saw him on the porch with his Bible.

We went to town on Monday to pick up the Christmas books.  They fixed the pages that were put in wrong, but they were still all just dumped into a box and not neatly assembled.  I politely told the lady it wasn't very professionally done.  She tried to straighten the books in the box.  There wasn't much else she could do at that point. :)  While I was waiting for change the boss came out.  After the initial greetings he asked if the work was good.  I told him I was disappointed and showed him why.  He was disappointed too!  He kept offering to do various things to try to fix them a bit.  I kept telling him I would just take them the way they were.  He finally offered to print some new ones for me with the hopes that I could salvage enough of the others to have mostly good ones to send. :)  He started working on preparing to print and did well.  I am waiting for the final thing to approve.  I'm hopeful it won't take too long because I am hoping to send them with someone soon. :)

We planned for me to go to college with Rick on Tuesday, so on Monday I started gathering everything I needed to address envelopes for Christmas books while I was there.  All went well until I went to get my address list.  I couldn't find it anywhere and I knew exactly where it should have been.  How sad!  My guess is that it might have fallen down from the back of one of my file draws and is mangled out of reach there.  I spent much of the evening trying to rebuild the list.  I had most family and friends in an address book as well.  I hope I got everyone. :)

Tuesday I went to the college so I could go to chapel (we had a guest preacher) and go out to lunch afterwards. :)  That was very nice.  I enjoyed going to the college every week last term.  I got a lot done when I was there, but not some of the things I needed to get done here. :)

I had to work on my usual Tuesday jobs on Wednesday.  Rick took Gideon and Isaac out to clean the church room.  The walls and chairs need to be washed every month. :)  The older kids came for prayer meeting again and one of the girls even prayed!  Jeremiah came again and brought his friend too. :)  Jeremiah is working hard to try to find a plot near the market for the church.  He is being really diligent to make sure it is really for sale by the real owner.  I'm sure you would be surprised to hear that there are a lot of issues with land deals here. :)

Thursday I put up the new Snoopy pictures (see below).  I've been working to cover the blocks with holes that they are required to put in over doors for ventilation.  They are mostly required because of the fuels that are often used cooking even inside houses.  Our windows are anything but airtight, so I am not worried about ventilation. :)  I also started working diligently on my prayer journal for next year.  I need the desk top for much of that, so it is a good job for when I am home alone.  The same group that went for supper last Thursday went again this week.  I had fish fingers again, but the bigger pieces weren't cooked all the way.  Once I discovered it I checked them carefully before I ate them.  I was thankful that I didn't get sick. :)

Tusky's extended the redemption of points, so Rick and I went to a Tusky's on the other side of town to see if they had a kitchen wand.  They did. :)  It is a really nice one too! :)  We had forgotten that Tusky's isn't noted for being customer friendly, but we managed. :)  As Rick gave the guard at the exit gate the disk they use for security in the parking lot the guard leaned in and asked for chai (literally tea = money).  Rick gave him a lecture on how wrong that was until he announced we should go because there was another car waiting behind us. :)

On Thursday Tina Rains told me that she saw Sprite Zero in the store!  Wow!  We got some at Tusky's on Friday and stopped to ask if the place where we get sodas wholesale had it.  They didn't, but we're hopeful they will!  After all no caffeine and no colour means it's really good for you! :)  Oh, that reminds me -- you might have missed a really important announcement this week.  M&M candy bars are coming out soon!  I'm not sure why that wasn't the leading story the day I saw it. :)  Also, Melania Trump was here this week.  She didn't stop in and say hi. :)

I made cookies -- red hearts (God's love) and yellow stars (God's glory) on Friday and blue triangles (the Trinity) this afternoon.  They are all for the anniversary tomorrow.  Daniel designed a banner that Tina had her banner guy make and put on a frame.  When the guys came home from prayer meeting Thursday night they had to ride with it on their heads because that was the only way it fit into Rains'es van. :)  We put it up this morning and it looks really good.  When we decided hooks would be the best way to put it up I asked Jeremiah if he knew where we could get any in Gatukuyu.  He took me to a number of hardware stores that looked like they would have anything you needed -- but they didn't. :)  Rick went back to Ng'oing'wa while I did Bible study to get them.  I have a twenty litre juice bottle with the usual pile of things to take to church.  We are looking forward to a great day.

Have a great week!
Love, Susan


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