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Sue's News 27 May 2017

It has definitely become a tradition – if you go to MP Shah Hospital you must eat a dosa. :)  We did that three times this week.
Let me start with the guest house electricity.  It died on Saturday.  Isaac’s house is connected to that, so they were in darkness.  I checked the fuse box and everything looked good, so they had to wait for the electrician to come on Monday morning.  At least they could charge their phones over here. :)  The electrician discovered a burnt wire in the fuse box and a burnt outlet in Isaac’s house.  He replaced them and all is well.
On Thursday Rick called to alert me that he had gotten a text from Kenya Power for the electricity bills.  The one for the guesthouse was almost 50,000 shillings ($500).  It’s usually just over 1,000 shillings ($10).  We guessed that the meter guy had either read it wrong, written it wrong, or whoever put it in the computer imputed wrong.  A simple mistake – but getting it fixed might not have been.  I know that in the past we would have been told just to pay it while they sorted it out.  I decided to go on line and see if I could find a number to call – and I did!  I talked to a nice lady who pulled up all the information on her computer and could see exactly what I was talking about.  I told her the meter reading that I had just taken and she promised to get back to me – and she did!  They fixed the problem and Rick got a new text with the new amount and she called me back to report!  It was amazing! :)
Enough about electricity – now back to the rest of the week. :)
Rick went for his blood tests on Monday (1st dosa).  It didn’t take long at all at the lab.  Lunch took longer. :)  On the way home we stopped to get veggies so I could freeze them and we wouldn’t have to do too much running around the next week or so.  The doctor called in the evening to say that the blood results were good so the surgery could go on as planned.
Mike and Gail Mestler took us to the hospital on Tuesday (2nd dosa).  Just as we reached the peak of the ramp into the little restaurant we met the surgeon and his wife having lunch. :)  There was a little extra running around to check Rick in.  Somehow a room hadn’t been booked for him.  So, I went from the main cashier to casualty to get a room assignment, then back to the cashier and then back to casualty to pay at their cashier.  They had the only card machine that was working this week. :)  Rick ended up in the Executive Wing.  If any of us are in that hospital and one of those rooms is available we’ll take it again. :)  The other room had been fine, but everything in this wing was better – including the food and the nursing.
The surgery went well on Wednesday.  Rick texted before the epidural wore off to report.  When that wore off they managed the pain better than last time too.  Wednesday was also the day Isaac cleaned the bedroom.  It really needed a thorough cleaning but it is hard to find a good time for it.
The puppies and I were home alone on Thursday.  It was so quiet!  The washing machine had been leaking and I had called the service center, so the guy came back on Thursday.  There was a drain that he hadn’t locked in place properly the other day.  It didn’t take him long to fix that and it didn’t cost anything. :)
Isaac had washed the walls in the sitting room after the major truss/ceiling project.  In the process he took all of the books off of the shelf and dusted them.  The books don’t all fit when they are put in the traditional library way, so I finally got around to organizing my more interesting system.  I have to remember to take a picture so it won’t take so long to duplicate next time.  I use a number of those shelves for some of the Christmas village, so those books get moved at least once a year. :)
Daniel took me to town yesterday.  We really wanted to go see Rick, and Rick was getting bored and would have liked visitors, but no one was available to take us.  Daniel hasn’t had experience in Nairobi traffic and I didn’t want to take him for the first time.  He enjoyed driving me to town instead. :)  We got butter at the store and got a free bucket with the bar soap we bought. :)  The other day we got a free umbrella when we bought bug spray – they must be copying the politicians giving away goodies. :)
The doctor wanted Rick to stay until lunch time to get one more physiotherapy session in.  That didn’t happen – I think because they had started the paperwork for discharging, but we went at lunch time anyway.  The finance people even came down early with the print out for him.  He asked them about the money that had been left on account last time we checked out and they took care of that and got the print out from that time for us so I didn’t have to go after that when I got there.  That was nice because I did have to go to the main cashier, who sent me to the casualty cashier, who sent me back to the ward to get some papers, who sent me back to the casualty cashier where I was finally able to pay. :)  Before we left the hospital we went to the restaurant (3rd dosa). :)
We are all happy to have Rick home.  Rick is happy to be home.  The puppies are very concerned for him, but all is well. :)
Have a great week!
Love, Susan


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