Subject:                          FW: Sunday Up-Date 28 May 2017



Simonsen's Ministry Up-date

Kenya, East Africa

Sunday Up-Date
28 May 2017

Daniel                        Aaron       
Sue           Rick

Dear Praying Friends,
    I had the admitting blood work done on Monday and the surgeon called about 7 pm to let me know all was normal and the surgery could go forward. Again, Mike and Gail Mestler drove me to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. Surgery was done early on Wednesday and the Dr. said all went very well. The pain of Wednesday evening and night wasn't as bad as it was with the first knee and on Thursday morning I started physiotherapy. Two physio sessions a day on Thursday and Friday and home at noon on Saturday.
     The above paragraph covers my week fairly well except for one incident. When I was admitted on Tuesday there were several people standing in the hallway in front of the room next to mine - and they were there the entire week. Each time someone opened my door I could see them standing out there. On Thursday two of the men knocked and came into my room - just to say hello. They told me that their father was in very serious condition so the entire family was just waiting to see what would happen.  I was able to share some Bible verses, I prayed for their father and gave them some Gospel tracts to read.
     The next day, while I was walking in the hallway I asked how their father was and they said "He is a little better, please keep praying." When I was discharged on Saturday a large family group had gathered and I was able to share some things about God with them. Please pray that the Lord will use my contact with them to bring Christ to that home. Nothing is just a coincidence.
     I was also able to give Gospel tracts to many of the nurses and staff and share the way of salvation with some too.
     Please pray for a speedy recovery. I am really sick of laying around in pain (actually minimal now). Some people have asked me why I would put myself through these surgeries instead of just increasing my pain killers. My standard answer: "I have served God in Kenya for nearly thirty years and I'm doing this to prepare myself for the next thirty years!"

In Kenya for Christ,

Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen




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