Simonsen's Ministry Up-date

Kenya, East Africa

Sunday Up-Date
13 August 2017

Daniel                        Aaron       
Sue           Rick

Dear Praying Friends,
   We stayed home for most the week but the boys went to a nearby school to vote in Kenya's general elections on Tuesday. Daniel went in the morning and found large crowds at the polling station. Aaron waited until about an hour before the polls closed and found no long lines. The election process was very peaceful and the sitting president was declared to have won a second term late on Friday night. The main opposition candidate and his supporters are contesting their 1.4 million vote loss but their complaints seem to have no relationship to the outcome of the election. Immediately after the results were announced rioting broke out in the city of Kisumu and in some areas of Nairobi. There are reports that the opposition tribesmen were burning down houses belonging to the winner's tribesmen. As of Sunday, twenty-six people have been killed. Our area is quiet and safe as we live in the heart of the winner's home. Pray that they will protest through the courts instead of continuing to protest on the streets.
     Staying home gave us much time to get caught up on various church and college projects. I also managed to build an easel for use at the church and got a start on a roof rack for our Toyota van.
     Saturday we went to Gatukuyu and found a new group of children to play soccer and come for a Bible lesson. I also found a painter who started painting the outside of the building (actually just the front wall). I will meet him tomorrow to arrange for him to put on a second coat of paint and letter the church name above the doors. I'm waiting for the landlady to paint the inside of the dark room but, if she doesn't get to it, I may have that done too. I did have a nice chance to witness to the owner of the shop next door (used furniture) and he assured me he will join us when we begin church services.
     Our Sunday morning back at Open Bible Baptist Church went very well. Pastor Nyaga used the Bible class to explain to the people why we left and to apologize for his wife's conduct and his failure to follow the church constitution and the Bible in dealing with the problem. I then preached on "Spiritual Entropy" (look it up in The people were very responsive and seemed genuinely glad to see us again. It was a blessing to see most of our old friends still attending and a few new faces as well.
     Besides getting the church painting done this week, it is Sue's birthday on Tuesday so I am hoping to get her out for a nice birthday lunch some day this week.

I'm sending this message out early so that some pastors will receive it early enough to thank your people for praying for peace during Kenya's elections.

In Kenya for Christ,

Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen


A blessing has been added to Open Bible Baptist Church
They have organized a church choir. Aaron and Daniel also joined them today.


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