Kenya, East Africa

Sunday Up-Date
8 October 2017

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Sue           Rick

Dear Praying Friends,
    On Monday Daniel was a great blessing to me when he volunteered to go to Gatukuyu and got the main table painted and cleaned all of the chairs in preparation for Sunday's opening service. I had planned to do so but was still very tired from the weekend activities and Sue and I had things to do in Thika. 
      The rest of my week was busy but not too exciting: Sermon preparation (English and Swahili), work on Greek PowerPoints for my Greek Exegesis class this term, and begin reviewing Greek notes for Introductory Greek next year.
     Saturday was our last Saturday "children's lesson" because we switched them to Sunday. This will allow us more time to do visitation in the Gatukuyu area. On Saturday we had 53 children come for Bible story, singing, games and coloring. We also set-up our "Three Things God Cannot Do" board at the market and gave out tracts and invitations to the first service of Trinity Baptist Church.
     On Sunday, our children's SS ran from 9 am until 10:30 followed by our adult worship service until 12 noon. We had a GREAT start to SS with a total of 25 children eventually making it to class. The first worship service was not as exciting - only one adult came and ten of the older children stayed for the service. I have often said we will minister to those God gives us and we will now seek to reach the families of the children He has sent our way. Pray for us as we serve the families of Gatukuyu.
     This morning I used PowerPoint and preached on "The Way to Get to Heaven From Gatukuyu." Aaron led the singing, Daniel played keyboard and sang a special. Pray for Daniel as he prepares to preach next Sunday.
     Without the rigors of long distance traveling on Sunday I had no problems climbing the steps for the afternoon service at Lighthouse Baptist Church. Today Daniel preached on "The I of the Storm" from Mark 4 and Matthew 14. 
     Please remember to be in prayer for Kenya's presidential re-election. The current plan is to vote for on Thursday, October 26th. There has already been demonstrations that have turned to looting in the run-up to the election.

In Kenya for Christ,

Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen


Full House


Full House


Aaron Witnessing, my finger, Faithful Girl - you get the picture!
You can just glimpse the Three Things God Cannot Do board between the post and cement wall. Isaac and Daniel manned the board.


Just to the left is the Three Things board, the lady in yellow is Isaac's wife, Grace.
We set-up next to the market and Saturday is market day.


We had a good group of children at the 9 am starting time


We eventually had 25 children for our first Sunday School Class


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