Simonsen's Ministry Up-date

Kenya, East Africa

Sunday Up-Date
4 March 2018

Daniel                        Aaron       
Sue           Rick

Dear Praying Friends,
       Thank you again for praying for Joe Rains. Joe had a bit of a rough week but seems to be on an upward trajectory this weekend. Please continue to pray for complete healing for Joe. Some time ago I also asked you to pray for Debbie Stamper. Debbie is the daughter of our dear retired missionary friends Bob and Betty Stamper and we have known and loved her since she was a little girl. She has been battling brain cancer for nearly two years and it seems that things are quite bad right now. Would you pray with us for a miracle healing for Debbie
     There are only two weeks left before final exams in the Bible college. Please pray for two of my Greek students: Pastor Ben Mulwa and Peter KImanzi are struggling a bit. Both will probably pass the course but Greek gets harder as we get into the second and third terms.

     We had our bi-weekly college administrative meeting on Friday. We made very good progress in a number of areas and I think we are ready for the Halsteads to be gone on furlough for a few months.
     Saturday at Gatukuyu we had several good opportunities to share the Gospel. Sue was finally able to talk to Murimi and has organized an evangelistic/discipleship Bible study for this coming Wednesday at ten am. Please pray that things will work out this time.
     Today at Trinity Baptist Church it was cool and rainy. We had nearly all of our normal children there but the littlest ones stayed home. We also had several adults for the morning service along with about ten children. Aaron led the singing and preached in the morning service on The Resurrection, Residing and Return of Christ, kind of a pre-Easter message. he had a busy day as he also led singing at Lighthouse BC.

In Kenya for Christ,

Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen


On visitation behind the market at Gatukuyu.


You never know what might be around the next bendin the path!


Making the sale is the easy part, delivering it on a motorcycle can be trickier.
Yes, the driver did squeeze in front of the dresser and drove off.


Eva, her family moved to Gatukuyu last Monday and her family came to church today.


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