Simonsen's Ministry Up-date

Kenya, East Africa

Sunday Up-Date
13 May 2018

Daniel                        Aaron       
Sue           Rick

Dear Praying Friends,
      This has been a bit of a plumbing problem week. Water leaks and plugged drains have keep me thinking and Isaac and Gideon working. It looks like we will be able to solve the problems without calling a plumber.
      College classes again went well. Thank you for praying for Ben Mulwa and Peter Kimanzi, they are both doing much better in Greek this term. Also pray for Pastor Alex Lodi, he needs to pass Hebrew History II in order to graduate in November but did very poorly on his first quiz.
      We went to Gatukuyu on Saturday morning to do soul winning and to invite people to church. Sue also has her ladies Bible study rescheduled for 10 am on Saturdays. mama Michelle came for the Bible study time but Mama Sam was out of town. We rejoice in being able to report that Benson, a co-worker of James who was saved a few weeks ago, himself put his faith in the Lord. Please pray for spiritual growth for these two men and for the salvation of Steve (another co-worker).
        This week I preached the first of a two-part message on "6 Things in Hell That Should be in Every Christian's Life", (This title is not original with me, but the message is). We had a good group of adult out or the worship service Mama michelle, Mama Sam, James, an Benson are normally t church nd today we also had the other mama Sam, a man named Mark who came for the first time and another elderly man who stopped outside the door as we were singing and James invited him to sit. He stayed through most of the preaching but left before I finished. Another lady arrived as we were finishing up but sid she would come earlier next week.
      Aaron preached at the afternoon service of Lighthouse BC from Luke 9 on "The ABCs of Christianity" (Accept Christ, Bear your cross, Count the cost).
In Kenya for Christ,
Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen


Dear Praying Friends,
In Kenya for Christ,
Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen


This banner was my Birthday present this year. It is a quote from Cecil Rhodes, founder of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)


The new entrance ans sign at Bethel Baptist Church. They put up the fence because children were pulling the letters off of the sign.


This term I had to move from our small classroom to a larger one to accommodate the students in my Hebrew History class.


Another new friend. Abigail was afraid to come near me until I used my phone app with animal pictures and sounds.


Everyone but Aaron paying close attention to Sue's SS lesson.


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