Kenya, East Africa

Sunday Up-Date
7 January 2018

Daniel                        Aaron       
Sue           Rick

Dear Praying Friends,
     Let me begin by asking you to pray for Joe Rains. Joe is a close personal friend and the father of our co-workers Michael and Stephen Rains. Joe had a lung removed several months ago and was recovering very well until the bitter cold weather hit Wisconsin. He is now in the hospital with a severe cast pf pneumonia. Joe and his wife Lenna have raised sight godly children all of them serving the Lord in full-time ministries.
    Our week started week with many friends over on Monday to watch a couple of NFL games. As usual we made way too much food and were able to eat leftovers most of the rest of the week.
     College modular classes began n Wednesday. Both Aaron and Daniel are taking a course on "The Book of Galatians" taught by Dr. Jim Van Gelderen. Wednesday was also our first mentor meetings for the term. I have three pastors in my mentor group this year. I also have Pastor Karanja and Stephen Rains as assistants - should be a nice mentor year.
     On Saturday, after getting the church room organized for SS Sue and Daniel did some visiting in the area behind the church building. There is a maze of pathways going out through banana plants and maize fields and many people to meet and minister to.
     Today George was back at church with his son Peter. We again had a good group of children for SS, several teens and George (plus three men sitting on stools outside) for the morning service. I have included several pictures and also took videos of Daniel playing a duet and Aaron preaching. I don't have time to get the videos ready before sending this but I will try to get them ready for next week.
     This week, Tuesday through Friday will be our annual Bible college Spiritual Life Retreat. Tuesday will start with a goat roast and special celebration as we get out tenth year of Independent Baptist College of Ministry started. Please pray for God's blessing as we begin a new college year

In Kenya for Christ,

Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen


During SS, while the men next door get things set out to sell they set stools between the wheelbarrows so they can sit, see and hear the services. 


The children enjoyed playing "Ladder Golf". Actually I used tennis balls so they don's bounce so far or damage walls or children - I suppose now it is ladder tennis!



Aaron Preaching at Trinity BC

It may look like a path to nowhere but Sue said, "You just keep following pahts and you find more houses and more people."

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