Date: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 at 1:20 PM
Subject: Jonathan and Kristy's update 03/09/2022





The past few weeks have been eventful, with both trials and blessings from the Lord. Romania is having a very large influx of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. Some missionary friends from Ukraine as well as several from their church have come, and we are grateful to be able to help as we can. There are so many needs. Many have come with just the few things they could quickly throw in their vehicle. Many people are coming on foot through the border. Unfortunately, some do not have proper documents and are not allowed through the border. Our friends are looking to the Lord for guidance as to what to do now, how to minister, as well as for healing from the traumas. Mothers are wondering how to continue their children’s education. It is important to help with their immediate needs for safety, food, water, and clothing, but there are many other needs as well. Some have come with old, unreliable vehicles that need repairs. As we pray for peace for Ukraine, we also pray for the Lord to protect His children, meet their needs, and give them guidance. We have seen reports of miracles of protection: missiles disappearing in mid-air, and no one knows where they went; Russian tanks running out of fuel or breaking down; and Russian soldiers getting lost. Romanians have really come together in an amazing way to help these refugees, and this is a great opportunity for Christians to show God’s love and salvation to them! Please pray for Ukraine, for the refugees, and for us as we seek to help them! 


Kristy is continuing her English classes. The two young ladies she is teaching seem to always enjoy their time together and the things they are learning. 


We are grateful to continue to help out at the Tylers’ church. I unfortunately missed a service due to a migraine headache, but we are glad to help with translating, children’s classes, and music. 


I am still dealing with daily headaches. Some days are better than others. I had some scans done to rule out anything serious, so thankfully there is no evidence of anything serious. The doctor I went to indicated he believed the headaches are because of some of my blood vessels that have a bit of build-up (circulation issues), and also from stress. So, he has me on a few natural treatments for the next several months. I am also trying some osteopathic therapy sessions to see if that helps. Marci still has headaches from her concussion, and Cory gets them sometimes too. Along with colds and other nagging health issues, we very much desire and appreciate your prayers for our health. On a positive note, Kristy has been doing well and the medication reduction has gone well. 


We always enjoy our times and services with our people. Mariana comes as she can, but she has been continuing to deal with sickness off and on. Ion (Yone) is back from Germany and has come to a few services. Ica, Gina’s mother-in-law, has been coming, and David and Isabela, Gina’s grandchildren, have come to some of the children’s classes. It is a blessing to see them learning! We pray for their salvation, as well as Ion’s. 


My sister, Joanna, came for a surprise visit for a few days from Germany. It was a wonderful surprise for our parents, and so good to be able to spend a little time with her. Their family would love to come for a visit. Covid restrictions have been an issue, but today, Romania’s state of alert is over, so there is no longer a requirement for a green certificate to enter Romania. Also, the restrictions are being relaxed, for which we are very grateful. We believe this will lead to more ministry opportunities. We have been putting tracts in the gates of those in our neighborhood, and hope people will be more open to contact with the ending of the Covid restrictions. Enjoy the pictures of one of our outreaches.


As always, THANK YOU so much for your faithful prayers and care for us and our ministries! It means so much, and God will bless you for your part in this work!



In His service, 

Jonathan, Kristy, Cory, and Marci