Subject: Fwd: Cathy Hodsdon Prayer Letter



Dear praying friends, 

            It has been almost six months since my last update. I have been busy with many projects. I have worked on the model of Job whenever I could. That was finished just before my trip to Mexico. I am now working on Psalms which is harder than I thought they would be. Sometimes when you come to a verse that is very familiar to you, you have to stop and think if it is also understandable to a non-English speaker. I am also working on revising the model of Ecclesiastes. 

            I have also been busy contacting supporting friends and churches. I have gotten a number of meetings personally in churches and some had to be via the internet. I am gradually getting to all of them. Pray I can set up meetings for the rest of the year. 

            The trip to Mexico did happen. Before we left I had a number of jobs to do so that we could have the training sessions on how to translate the Old Testament. I made a lot of calls to Mexico to set up everything that we would need there, as well as working over the manual online with Isaiah Peterson on how to teach the material. Some supplies needed to be bought here to go with us. On September 13th I caught a plane from Portland, Maine to Chicago, to Dallas, and then to San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I meet Isaiah in Chicago and we arrived on schedule that night in Mexico. That is the first non-eventful flight in a couple of years. Dan Dennison who wants to eventually become a consultant also arrived on the next day. The city is 7,000 ft above sea level so I had some breathing problems while there. At the end of two weeks, we had five people trained to translate and back translate Scripture into Tenek. They were assigned four OT books to translate. The whole book of Ruth was translated in class into Tenek. Glory to God!! How exciting to once again see the first verses of the Old Testament written in a language who doesn’t have it. I received a report yesterday that the translators are busy translating and already have a number of chapters done.  

            I praise God that someone bought me a computer program that is going to be a big help while I work on the models. 

            I would appreciate prayer for a health problem that I am having and may require surgery. It isn’t real serious but could make it so I can’t work for a couple weeks.  

             No trips are in the future that I know of! Thanks for all your prayers and support as I work from home.

                                                                       Cathy Hodsdon 

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