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April 1997

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 Several weeks ago I had the privilege of hearing Bob Jones III speak at the Michigan Association of Christian Schools Pastors/ Administrators Conference. He spoke three different times during the day, with all three messages revolving around a common theme. I was really challenged by some things that he said. and I would like to use this forum to share them with You.

 The theme of his preaching was that Pastors and Administrators (as well as parents, Sunday School teachers etc.) need to be involved in molding and changing the lives of the young people entrusted to then. In fact, he stated that if we are not in the business of helping to change young people's lives, then what do they deed us for? He then spoke to three specific attitudes that he sees in the freshmen coming to Bob Jones University and in the Christian teens that he comes in contact with in his travels throughout the country.

 The first attitude was the "give-me" attitude. He used the Biblical illustration of the Prodigal Son, who said to his father, "give me what is mine". He cared nothing for his father, nor for his fathers house. He cared only for the material goods that he could possess. How many young people act this way today! Many have learned it from materialistic, pleasure-mad parents whose priorities seem to revolve around "more money for more stuff." As columnist Cal Thomas said recently. "The great American dream is to get a good education so that you can get a good job so that you can make good money so that you can buy things". What a nightmare! Many children, even from Christian homes, expect to be handed everything. They want parents to hand them money and "toys", teachers to hand them good grades. coaches to hand them starting positions, and employers to hand them jobs which pay well without any work-related demands. How unlike the Saviour, who did not come to be "ministered unto, but to minister". The "give-me" attitude must be defeated if our youth are going to be the servants that God wants them to be.

 In next month's "Echoes", we will discuss attitude number two. the "How holy do I have to be" attitude. People who want something for nothing in this life will certainly aim for the lowest possible standard of holiness. This is certainly the case in many of our church folks today.

May the Lord bless you as you serve Him this month.

Your Pastor,
Mark J. Montgomery

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