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Ask the Pastor
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clear.gif - 808 Bytes I am a student writing a research paper on the Creationism-Evolutionism argument, and I want to make sure I am being fair and thorough in my interpretation of both sides. Here are some points that I'd like to make certain I am not misrepresenting, according to what I understand of the Baptist view of Evolutionary theory;
  • 1) Scientists have no proof that evolutionary theory has any basis in fact.
  • 2) The lack of evidence is proof that the theory is untrue.
  • 3) The bible alone provides a literal, accurate, and infallible description of the Universe’s origin.
Do you feel these are fair and representative, or do you disagree with these statements?

You may click on verses to reveal pop-up Scripture


 Thanks for writing. I will attempt to give you answers, but they will probably not be as brief as you might like. Also, I can not speak for all Baptists, only for myself. However, I do believe that my views reflect those of people who are Biblicists - those who believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.

 Your three statements were as follows:

  • 1) Scientists have no proof that evolutionary theory has any basis in fact.

 I agree with this statement. If scientists had proof, it would be called the Law of Evolution, not the Theory of Evolution. There have been scientific discoveries that might be used as evidence for evolution, but none that offer absolute proof.

  • 2) The lack of evidence is proof that the theory is untrue.

 I think that this statement is an oversimplification. Lack of evidence does not prove that something is untrue. However, if there was undeniable and incontrovertible evidence of evolution, then obviously it could not be said that the theory is untrue. Conversely, the lack of proof does not mean that evolution is necessarily untrue, but it certainly means that blind acceptance of evolution as fact is foolish. The truth of the matter is that acceptance of evolution is a matter of faith just like acceptance of creation is a matter of faith.

 There are some things that I would add to this. First, since I believe the Bible (which has never been proven to be inaccurate, as opposed to science which has had to revise and reverse its opinions numerous times on a variety of subjects), I reject evolution because it contradicts the Scriptures Second, there is abundant scientific evidence that supports a young earth/creationist view. Third, there is not only a lack of proof for evolution, but the theory does contradict several established laws of science, such as the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Law of Biogenesis. If a theory contradicts a law, then the theory must be abandoned, because a law by definition is valid in all situations.

 Wouldn't you think that, after millions of years of evolution, science would be able to produce one fossil that shows an unquestionable transition from one species to another? Think of how many fossils have been unearthed. Yet not one proves that one species can evolve into another species. Wouldn't you agree that this lack of evidence makes the theory of evolution a little more difficult to believe, and the theory of creation, which would expect an absence of transitional fossils, a little more plausible?

  • 3) The bible alone provides a literal, accurate, and infallible description of the Universe’s origin.

 Again, I believe this statement is an oversimplification. I do believe that the Bible provides a "literal, accurate, and infallible description" of the origin of the universe. And thus, even if there were no scientific evidence to support creation, I would believe it. However, there is abundant scientific evidence, as stated above, that calls the theory of evolution into question and gives support to the theory of creation.

 The evolutionists, ever since the Scopes Monkey Trial, have attempted to portray evolution as being a matter of science and creation as being simply a matter of faith. This is very inaccurate. As a Creationist, I have faith, but my faith is not blind, for the Bible is supported by external scientific evidences. The evolutionist also has faith: faith that what his science teachers are telling him is true. The creationist didn't see creation take place, and the evolutionist didn't/doesn't see macroevolution taking place. The creationist wasn't here 6000 years ago, and the evolutionist wasn't here millions of years ago. Neither can reproduce his hypothesis in a laboratory. Thus, both make their choices as matter of faith.

 If I might add a couple other things: The following is a partial list of scientific truths that are contained within the Bible, and were written there long before they were "discovered" by scientists.

 *Round earth – Isaiah 40:22
 *Earth’s position in space – Job 26:7
 *Washington Observatory discovered that within
 the Northern Heavens there is a great empty
 expanse with no stars – Job 26:7
 *Earth’s rotation – Luke 17:34-36
 *Number of stars – Genesis 22:17
 *Weight of air (Galileo) – Job 28:25
 *Evaporation – Ecclesiastes 1:7
 *Nature of wind – Ecclesiastes 1:6
 *Importance of blood – Leviticus 17:11
 *Existence of other planets – Hebrews 1:2
 *Ocean currents – Psalm 8:8
 *Unity of human race – Acts 17:26

 I have also taken the liberty of including a few websites that are run by creation scientists. I hope you will take a moment to look at them, so that you will see that there are extra-biblical evidences for creation.

 This website raises questions for evolutionists to consider.

 This is a listing of a variety of creation science websites. Some are going to be better than others, but it gives a broad spectrum of information.

 I hope this is helpful to you in your research.

 Feel free to contact me again if I can be of assistance to you.

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Pastor Dr. Mark Montgomery
Email: Ask the Pastor
Ambassador Baptist Church
1926 Babcock Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15209

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