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Pastor's Pen - January 29, 2008
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Pathways Through Proverbs
Daily Devotional

January 29, 2008

Today's Reading - Proverbs 29
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Joshua 41

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Today's Pathway:
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Proverbs 29:02

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. - Proverbs 29: 2

 As I am writing this the United States is in the midst of nominating candidates to run for the presidency of this great nation. While we understand that politics will never save the souls of men from the ravages of sin, it is important to understand that who we choose to vote for in any election is still a matter of great importance. Most people, including many believers, make their decisions based upon non-Biblical issues, such as race, gender, socio-economic class, union endorsements, or which party the family has always voted for. The Scriptures teach that the most important issue is where the candidate stands on the issue of personal righteousness. When a righteous man is placed in authority it will produce rejoicing among the citizenry regardless of his race or background. However, the most popular man in the country will produce sorrow throughout the nation if he practices wickedness.

 True righteousness is only found when a man receives Jesus as his own personal Savior and receives the imputed righteousness of Christ. Thus, the first choice for any elected office would be a born again Christian. Unfortunately, this is often not a viable alternative, for there are very few believers running for public office, particularly on a national level. The second choice then would be for an individual who is attempting to hold to Biblical morality. This would include his positions on a variety of social, economic and foreign policy issues, as well as his own lifestyle. In order to vote in such a way as to be a blessing to your country, find out what the Bible says, find out where the candidates stand, and then vote accordingly.

 If you are a believer who puts the Bible into practice, perhaps you should run for office - your election would bring about great rejoicing. But if God doesn't allow you to serve in government, at least be Biblical in your method of choosing who will represent you.

Pastor Mark J Montgomery

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