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Ambassador Baptist Church
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April 1995

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"Prepare to meet thy God. " (Amos 4:12).
With these words, the prophet Amos issues warning to the people of Israel concerning the brevity of life, and the fact that we will all someday stand before God. This fact has been drilled home to me over the past few weeks. I have been involved, directly or indirectly, with six different funerals. The people ranged in age from 17 to 71. Some died in accidents, others died from illnesses. Some died suddenly, some lingered briefly, some had long illnesses. But in the end, all were summoned to stand before God. The eternal question is this: were they prepared?"

 At least two of the six I know were prepared. Both had made preparations many years ago for that day when they would exit this life and be ushered into eternity. As young people they had realized their sinfulness, and their inability to save themselves. They trusted in Christ's sacrifice for their sin, and called upon Him to save them. In an instant, they became prepared for eternity.

 How about you? Are you prepared to meet your God? Each of us has an appointment to meet the Sovereign King of the Universe, and it is an appointment which will not be broken. If you were to stand before Him today, what would be your eternal destiny? Would He welcome you into the joy of the Lord, or would He banish you into everlasting fire, prepared for the Devil and his angels? If you are unsure, today needs to be the day that you receive Christ. The back page of this newsletter' gives clearly the Biblical way of salvation. Please read it, believe it, and trust Christ today.

 Let me add a thought for those of us who are already saved. If we knew that we would meet our God tomorrow, what would we do differently today? Is there someone that we would witness to, or an activity that we would abstain from? My friends, we do not have any guarantee that today will not be our last day on earth. Therefore, we must live and serve as if tomorrow we would meet our God.

Your Pastor,
Mark J. Montgomery

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