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Ambassador Baptist Church
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August 1995

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 Psalm 139:14 states:
"I will praise Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
When God put our human bodies together, He did a marvelous work. Think of the intricacy of form and function. Think of how each organ was designed in just the right size and shape to perform its responsibility. Every part, whether small or large, whether internal or external fulfills a specific roll and is important to the overall well-being of the body. What a great Designer we have.

 God's designing work was not finished when He created man. When Christ said that He would build His Church, He had a design in mind for it as well. Out of all the illustrations which He could have chosen, God chose the body to picture the church (I Cor. l2). As the body has many different parts, so a church has many different members. All body parts do not function the same way. Neither do all church members. Some body parts are more visibly valuable than others. So too some church members take on a more public ministry. Yet in spite of all these differences of form and function, there is great unity within the human body. Blood, bone, and nerves flow from one part of the body to another, carrying life, sustenance, and support. In this manner the local church, the Body of Christ, functions as well. Each member is instructed to edify each other member so that the church grows spiritually.

 When the human body hurts itself, the rest of the body rushes to its aid. So in the church we must be concerned about the needs of our fellow church members. As one non-functioning organ can ultimately kill a man, so one non-functioning church member can destroy a church. You see, when a body part dies, or stops working correctly, it begins to affect all the other parts around it. It particularly affects those areas which it has previously nourished. A backslidden church member does exactly the same thing. His negative spirit affects those around him, particularly those to whom he has previously provided spiritual help or leadership. This is why it is so necessary that each of us keep in a proper relationship with God.

 In a human body, if one organ is unable to function with other organs, the body is said to be sick or diseased, and usually a doctor is necessary. If church members are unable to fellowship and serve together, then it can be said that the church is sick as well. What is the answer? The Great Physician must be called. He will always give the right remedy, usually one involving repentance, forgiveness, and restoration. If His Body will listen and obey, then spiritual health will be restored, and the church will again function as it should.

 Church member, how are you doing, as a working member of Christ's Body? Are you serving in your capacity? Are you nourishing other parts of the body? Are you concerned with the needs of the other members? Are you united with them in a desire to serve the Dead, Jesus Christ? May we work together to see the Body of Christ grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your Pastor,
Mark J Montgomery

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