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February 1995

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 On February 14th, people all over America will once again celebrate Valentine's Day. While this holiday is riot necessarily confined to married couples, it would seem that husbands and wives should participate in its meaning more fully than those who are simply friends. Unfortunately, many homes will remember their love on Valentine's Day in exactly the same fashion that they remember it the other 364 days of the year... They won't. Rather than pledging anew the fondness and affection that they have, some spouses will continue to belittle, criticize, and reject their orate. Few words will be spoken in kindness, bitterness and resentment will reign, and confession and forgiveness will be non-existent. Perhaps this scenario does not describe your home; I hope that is indeed the case. But the fact is that there are homes all over our area and undoubtably some which have received this newsletter, that can relate completely to the above-mentioned scene, for they are living it on a daily basis.

 In recent weeks I have heard regularly about marriages and families that are on the rocks. Husbands leaving wives. Wives leaving husbands. Wives wanting to leave their husbands. Parents and adult children who can't get along. Husbands verbally abusing their wives. Parents willfully hindering their children's attempts to serve God. Children rebelling against their parents, and authority in general. While the vast majority of these cases do not involve someone who is a member of Court Street Baptist Church, the truth is that all these cases involve at least one party who is a professing Christian and in most cases both parties claim to be saved. It seems that Satan is out to destroy our families, and that lie is doing a good job. It is for this cause that I began a series on The Home during the Sunday evening service on January 22.

 We who are believers must get our homes under control. We must determine that our families are going to function based upon Biblical principles. Husbands need to understand their responsibility to love and lead their homes. Wives must learn the principles of love and submission. Parents need to realize that God blessed their home with children so that they could be raised to God's honor, glory, and service. The entire family must return to the promise that Jesus Christ must have the preeminence in all aspects of life.

 How's your home today? Is it filled with love? Is it a home where birth parents and children are faithful in their relationships to each other? Is God on the throne, and each family member dedicated to Him in all aspects of life? This Valentine's Day, let's do better than giving our loved ones a card and a box of candy. Let 's give them ourselves, and give them a family that is pleasing to God.

Your Pastor
Mark J. Montgomery

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