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Ambassador Baptist Church
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November 1991

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 In Psalm 85:6, the Psalmist asks this question:
"Wilt Thou not revive us again, that Thy people may rejoice in Thee?"
Revival is a word that has fallen out of use among fundamental Baptists. While saints of a half century ago attended revival meetings that sometimes lasted for a month or more, today's evangelists consider themselves fortunate to get booked for an entire week' of meetings as opposed to only Sunday through Wednesday. There was a time when evangelists would come to town and set up shop in a store front, or a rental hall, or perhaps a tent. All the church folks would come out every night and for the first week or so, the preacher would never preach a salvation message. He would preach to the backslidden Christians! By the end of the first week or so, the Christians were right with God, and they would go out and bring the unsaved in, and many would trust Christ as Saviour. Revival came to the saved, and salvation came to the unsaved.

 It doesn't seem to work that way anymore. Most folks are too tired to make out every night of the meetings. Hardly anyone invites an unsaved family member or friend to attend with them. We go through the motions, so that we can convince ourselves that we are doing what God expects of us.

 How about this year, we break out of the "revival rut". Bro. Joe Mark will be preaching for us from November 17-22. Let's pray that God will send revival. Understand that "revival" is for the believer. You must have life before you can be "re vived." Let's pray that God will restore to us the joy of our salvation. Let's pray that God will convict us of sin. Let's pray that God will restore broken families and severed friendships. Let's pray that God will bring us into a proper relationship with Himself. Let's pray that God will restore our burden for evangelism both here and overseas. Then let's allow God to work through us during the special meetings. Be faithful to each service. Come expecting God to challenge your heart. Bring unsaved friends with you. Let's allow God to give us the greatest week of revival meetings that this Church has ever seen.

May the Lord bless you this month.

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