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November 1992

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 Tuesday, November 3rd, is Election Day. On that day concerned citizens will exercise their constitutional rights and cast their votes for the individuals whom they feel will best lead America for the next 2-6 years. Sometimes in all the political mudslinging and hoopla something is forgotten: the fact that we as Americans have the privilege to choose. The nations of Eastern Europe did not have that privilege until recently. Many Asian and African countries still do not possess it. Yet we, in our affluent society, often neglect this precious right.

 The right to choose is foundational. However, the responsibility to live with the results of that choice is also foundational. Far too many people make choices, and then are unwilling to be held accountable for the results. Women want to be able to "choose" promiscuity and immorality. Yet when pregnancy occurs, they refuse to take responsibility for their choice by opting for the abortion clinic. Homosexuals flaunt their right to choose their perverted lifestyle, yet hold the government responsible for the spread of the AIDS virus. Parents choose to allow their children to raise themselves, then hold the church, the school, and society responsible for their offspring's delinquency. If we are going to choose, then we had better choose that which will produce acceptable results.

 In Joshua 24:15, Joshua gave the people of Israel a choice. Far more crucial than a political decision, this choice determined who was going to rule their hearts. Joshua says to the people "Choose you this day whom ye will serve." That challenge has been passed down through the ages until today. Who am I going to serve with my life? Shall I serve the god of money, fame and power? Perhaps the god of pleasure would be more appropriate? Maybe the god of popularity and friends will serve me best? Perhaps, I can just put myself on the throne, and serve myself. Isn't that the way much of the world thinks? But what does Joshua say in response to his own challenge:

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"
Joshua knew that he could make a choice, but that only one choice was acceptable. He knew that only one choice would bring upon his family the blessings of God. Other gods may bring temporary enjoyment, but what long term misery will result. What vanity and waste comes from a life given to self at the expense of God!

 On November 3rd, be sure to vote, and exercise your right to choose. But before you do, determine who is going to receive the vote for master of your life. There are many options, but only one will bring acceptable results in your life. May we echo with Joshua

"We will serve the Lord."

Your Pastor

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