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Ambassador Baptist Church
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October 1993

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 Peace! In recent days, newspaper headlines around the world have trumpeted the news of the peace accord signed between Israel and the Palestinians. While Bible students know that true peace will never exist until the second coming of the Prince of Peace, any significant activity in the Middle East turns the thoughts of believers to future events, and specifically to the next prophetic event on God's timetable: The Rapture.

 The Bible teaches that the rapture could take place at any moment. Paul, and the rest of first century Christianity, fully expected it to happen during their lifetimes. Christians are told to watch, for Christ concluded the Revelation by stating, "Surely I come quickly." Yet how few are really ready for the Lord's return. The Bible teaches that the rapture will take place instantaneously and without warning. Yet many live as though they have plenty of time to prepare. The Word of God promises that the knowledge of Christ's return would be a source of comfort in troubled times. Yet multitudes of God's children fret and grieve as if God had forgotten them.

 The knowledge that Christ will return to catch away those who have received Him as Saviour will change a man's life completely. It will motivate the unsaved to repent, for there are no second chances for him after the rapture is missed. It will motivate the believer to mind his daily walk, for he does not want to he ashamed of his activities at Christ's coming. It will motivate him in his witness, for he knows that tomorrow may be too late for someone to have the opportunity for salvation. It will motivate him to care about his brothers in Christ, for he will desire that they too be prepared if Christ should come today.

 My friend, are you prepared if the rapture were to take place today? Are you sure of your eternal destiny? Have you prepared your friends and loved ones? Are you confidently looking for that Blessed Hope, or will you be ashamed at His coming? Christ could come at any moment. Be sure you are ready.

Your Pastor
Mark Montgomery

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