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Ambassador Baptist Church
1926 Babcock Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15209
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October 1994

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 Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a church planting seminar in Clarkston. Bro. Earl Jessup, who spoke at our recent Missions Conference, was the featured speaker. Once again God used him to challenge me as to our responsibility to get out the Gospel message and establish churches that will disciple those who have received Christ as Saviour.

 Church planting is not the responsibility of the pastor, nor is it the responsibility of the missionary. Church planting is the responsibility of the local church. Thus, all the church members must have a part if the work is to be accomplished. Certainly, God has not called every member of Court Street Baptist Church to start a new church. However, there are things which each of us can do to aid in this world-wide ministry.

  • 1) Pray. Christ's prayer request was far people to go into the harvest field. Paul's prayer request was that his people might be saved. As we pray for the salvation of the lost and the calling of laborers, the church planting efforts will be increased.
  • 2) Evangelize. Personal soul-winning accomplishes much. First, it will save a lost soul bound for Hell. In addition, it keeps the soul-winner tender towards the needs of a lost world. Also, it produces new church members who can either surrender to, or support, missions themselves.
  • 3) Support. The church planting arm of the church needs the support of the congregation. This includes physical, emotional and financial support. As dollars are given, and work is enthusiastically accomplished, churches can be established both at home and around the world for the glory of God.
  • 4) Surrender. Each of us must ask the same question that Paul asked on the Damascus Road: "Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do? God expects some of us to pray more. Some should give more. Some should encourage more. Some should work more. Some should witness more. Some need to surrender to God's call. Into which category do you fall?

     God wishes to accomplish great things in this world through the outreach of Court Street Baptist Church. We must share His vision, and serve Him faithfully.

    Your Pastor
    Mark J Montgomery

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