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Ambassador Baptist Church
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August 1993

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 In John 10:10, Christ taught that His purpose in coming to earth was to provide life. He adds to this by saying that the life He gave would be an abundant life. In other portions of Scripture Christ promises peace and rest to His followers. One of the fruits of the Spirit is the presence of joy. From these verses, it becomes obvious that the Christian life is not intended to be one of dull, never ending boredom, but rather one of abundance and joy.

 The world does not understand true Christian joy. For the unregenerate man, all his peace and fulfillment is based upon his external circumstances. This fact has been clearly evidenced recently in Port Huron. On Friday, July 23rd, our city paid it's annual homage to debauchery with Boat Night. Over 100,000 people filled the taverns and streets with drunkenness and lewdness. Fights were started, vandalism was evident, and arrests were made. Yet all this was done in the name of "fun." Recently published articles indicate that it may not be worth it to a city for it's professional sports team to win a championship. Be it Detroit or Chicago, Dallas or Montreal, the cost in injuries and destruction during "victory celebrations" is enormous. What is it that these "riotous revelers" are searching for? The answer, of course, is happiness. Perhaps a few hours of wildness will help them forget their problems. Maybe destroying someone else's property will allow them to release some frustration. Yet, when the party is over, the pain and the emptiness is still there.

 The Christian has been freed from that scenario. When a man repents of sin and trusts Christ, the Holy Spirit indwells him, and he becomes a "new creature." He is no longer at the mercy of external stimulation for his joy, but rather he is able to have a constantly abundant life through his internal relationship and fellowship with God. Thus, no matter how difficult the situations of life may be, the believer can always find his sufficiency in Christ, and the strength to face a new day in the power of the Word of God.

 My friend to where do you turn for your happiness? Is it found in a series of parties and events which temporarily relieve your pain, but ultimately prove unsatisfactory. Or do you find your joy in the knowledge of eternal life with Christ, and the blessing of a personal relationship with Him? As the song writer so clearly put it, "Only Jesus, can satisfy your soul!"

Your Pastor
Mark Montgomery

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