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Ambassador Baptist Church
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July 1993

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 During our recent Missions Conference, Bro. Dave Darlin spoke concerning the political situation in Hong Kong and Mainland China. He related the events of Tiananmen Square, where many Chinese young people were killed for the cause of freedom. He then challenged us concerning the freedom that we have as believers in the United States, and asked us what we have done with that freedom to further the cause of Christ.

 I have pondered his message for the past few weeks. We in America should be truly thankful to God for providing us with this great nation. In America we can serve God freely. We can worship and serve according to the dictates of the Word of God. Sometimes we suffer ridicule for that which we practice, and sometimes it seems that our government and our society are not sympathetic to our cause. Yet, all in all, God has provided us with an atmosphere of freedom which should allow us to serve God to the fullest extent possible.

 But has this been the case? Has our freedom of religion encouraged us to produce a great army of Christian soldiers prepared and equipped to go forth and do battle with the forces of Satan over the souls of men? Hardly. As happens so often, we have allowed our liberty to lull us to sleep. The time for action is now, but as Bro. Darlin asked: "Where is the army?" The army is sitting back enjoying the benefits of battles fought long ago, and allowing opportunity to slip away. The song writer put it this way:

My house is full, but My field is empty,
Who will go and work for Me today?
It seems My children all want to stay around My table,
But no one wants to work in My fields,
No one wants to work in My fields.
 Where would you and I be, if someone had not gone forth to battle for our souls? If the person who led you to Christ had been the same type of soldier as you are today, do you think you would have been told of salvation? How we praise God for liberty, and for the old war horses who served God faithfully in years gone by. But how soon we forget that a new generation is coming who will be looking back to us. If we fail, their souls are at stake.

Paul told the Romans that "knowing the time, it is high time to awake out of sleep." The opportunity is available. The need is great. May we arise up as an army of believers and use the freedom God has given us to go forth and serve our King.

Your Pastor
Mark Montgomery

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